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Improv for everyone!

Improv wants you! Whoever you are, improv needs you because improv and Hoopla are better with everyone involved.

Different voices, different backgrounds and different people all playing together as one is what makes improv exciting, dynamic, funny and FUN!

So whoever you are, wherever you are from, whatever your ethnicity, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation or age….Hoopla want you in the team!

This is beyond a diversity policy, it’s a constant ongoing diversity FESTIVAL!

We are encouraging all groups of people, not to divide them but to grow them and unite them so everyone can play as one.

By doing this we are creating commercially successful comedy. We are building the community that will create the hit TV and Netflix shows of the future.

Comedy would be boring without different voices, and the new wave of comedians and improvisers are here at Hoopla!

We are doing this to make better improv.

Be a part of it.

Improv for everyone!

You can now also support this work by donating to our crowdfunder campaign for an ongoing improv outreach worker!

improv for everyone!


We don’t want price to be a barrier to improvising, so we offer free or discounted places every single month on our courses.

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Tai Do the Right Scene

We run regular shows and workshops to inspire more Black, Asian and Minority Ethic Improvisers in improv. We also offer diversity scholarships to these improvisers and are increasing the number of Black and Asian teachers.

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We employ LGBT teachers, performers and hosts and run monthly LGBT shows to help inspire new improvisers.

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Students Web

Every month we give free or discounted courses to people on lower incomes, students and key workers.

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Over 50% of our teaching staff and performers are women and we run multiple female only shows every month to help inspire more women into improv.

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Improv for everyone includes men. When including one group we don’t exclude others.

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Younger Actors

We offer discounted course places and scholarships for people aged 18-23.

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Fun & friendly improv classes for the over 60s. Your life experience makes you a better improviser and we want you in Hoopla.

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If you have a physical disability or mental health condition it doesn’t have to stop you improvising. We will chat with you to find a way for you to play each exercise and be part of the team.

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We work with St. Mungo’s Broadway Recovery College each year to provide free improv courses for homeless people.

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Improv isn’t just a London thing, it is happening all over the country. We put on festivals and send out teachers to help bring improv to different areas.

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We have a large number of international students and people with English as a second language on our courses.

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You can now also support this work by donating to our crowdfunder campaign for an ongoing improv outreach worker!


To help us keep a fun, friendly and supportive space at Hoopla please also have a read of the following:

Code of Conduct for People on Courses

Code of Conduct for Performers

Code of Conduct for Teachers


We are very open to feedback about how we could improve the diversity of the UK improv scene, so if you have any suggestions please get in touch.


Improv for Everyone!