• the comedy of elders

the comedy of elders

Fun & friendly improv workshops for the over 60s.

Our Comedy of Elders workshops are for people aged 60 and older who are interested in socialising while learning the core skills of improvised comedy. If you’re looking for an active and fun hobby with lots of laughter, then Hoopla is the place for you!


What’s improv?

Improv is not the same as acting where you have to memorise lines. In improv you perform with your scene partner in the moment, listening and responding to the last thing that they said. It’s about working together as a team with other improvisers to spontaneously create group stories, scenes & sketches, similar to the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Improv is about creating a communal atmosphere where everyone is treated as important and part of the team.

In our Comedy of Elders sessions, you will be able to learn and perform with people who share a similar frame of reference. These workshops follow the same curriculum as our evening courses with less of a focus on physical games to remain inclusive of those with physical limitations. They will also give you access to an team of peers to have a laugh with!

Our workshops cover a diverse range of core improvisation skills such as Spontaneity, Listening, Yes And, Commitment, Confidence, Character, Scenes, Games and Story.

Most of all you get to meet a great bunch of new people and have a really good laugh!


No previous experience needed!

You don’t need any previous experience of improv, acting or comedy to take part. Complete beginners are welcome.

You don’t have to clever, fast or funny to take part! That might sound counter-intuitive but actually improv isn’t about those things, it’s about listening to each other and building on each other’s ideas in a really collaborative way. It’s the ultimate team game.


Fun Socials

After each workshop there’s an optional social to the local pub. You can also come and watch our shows at the weekends to see how improv works on stage.

So come out, meet some new people, play some fun games and have a laugh every week!

dates, time, location

Dates: TBC. Please contact us to be added to waiting list for when dates become available.

Time: 2pm – 4pm each week.

Price: £210 reduced to £170 for over 60s. Either payable all at once or £85 at time of booking and £85 when the course starts.

Teacher: Steve Roe.

Workshop Location: Hoopla at The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge, SE1 3SS.

Tube: London Bridge.


Fun games to improve active listening.

Yes And, the improv philosophy of team creativity.

Creating a collaborative and supportive team on stage.

Commitment and confidence without fear of failure.

Having fun with making mistakes.


Being Obvious as an unexpected way of unleashing imagination and creativity.

Finding agreement and relationship on stage instead of conflict.

Play, play and more play.

Creating fun comedic characters on the spot.

Weaving fantastic stories from thin air.

Improvising scenes with captivating relationships and emotions.

Games, games and more games!

And most of all having fun with improvising!