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"Hoopla's workshops are supportive & collaborative." - Evening Standard

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"In one class I laughed so hard that I cried, full-on shaking with laughter" - The Guardian

UK's 1st improv theatre!

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"The finest off the cuff troupes on the circuit" - TimeOut

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improv classes

The most fun & friendly place to learn improv in the UK.

Our improv classes and courses are open to everyone, no previous experience of impro, acting or comedy needed. Complete beginners are welcome. Improv is for everyone.

We have the most experienced teachers in the UK who create a warm & supportive atmosphere where you are free to play and be yourself.

Hoopla have been running for over 14 years and are the UK’s biggest improvisation training school, teaching 1000s of people every year.

Hoopla are the founders of the UK’s 1st improv comedy club. Recommended by Time Out, The Evening Standard, The Metro and The Daily Telegraph.

Our theatre has shows 7 nights a week featuring people who have trained with Hoopla, and a warm welcoming community for you to join and support you with ongoing performance opportunities.

Hoopla also provide fun and engaging corporate training for clients including Google, Facebook, Apple, ITV, Accenture, PWC, Imperial College, World Economic Forum, AMV BBDO, Linked In, NBC Universal, London Business School & Comedy Central.


    Level 1: Beginners improv course

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    Level 2: Performance improv course (with show)

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    Level 3: Scenes improv course (with show)

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    Level 4: Long-form course (with show)

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    Level 5: Advanced improv courses

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    Ongoing performing opportunities

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Hoopla also do drop-in workshops, taster days, stand up courses and sketch courses.

Already done some improv or acting training and not sure where to start? Go to our FAQ to find out!

London improv classes & courses

Our classes are incredibly fun and enjoyable. Hoopla create a really safe, trusting, supportive and playful atmosphere and there is a lot of laughter in the room!

Our teachers inspire people to try all of the different styles of improvisation including short-form games, scenes, long-form, narrative, improvised theatre, improvised musicals, clowning and more.

We teach through play and aim to help you discover the joy of improvising.

We support and encourage all styles of improvised comedy and theatre and have built up a vibrant, welcoming, open to all community of improvisers. Even after our courses we continue to work with our improvisers to help them be part of the UK’s rapidly growing community.

Hoopla impro workshop Laura

Our Level 1: Beginners Improv Course is an 8 week course for beginners to learn the core skills of improvisation in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. You don’t need any drama, acting, comedy or impro experience whatsoever.

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Our Level 2: Performance Improv Course is an 8 week course to gently introduce you into performing on stage for the first time, with a showcase performance of short-form games and scenes at the end.

Our Level 3: Scenes Improv Course is our ultimate scenes course to make you awesome at improvising character and relationship driven scenes in a fun, playful and spontaneous Hoopla style! With a show at the end.

Performance Improv Course with Hoopla

Our Level 4: Long Form Improv Course is an 8 week course exploring longer scenes in greater depth, and how to have fun connecting scenes together with tags and edits. With a showcase performance at the end.

Advanced improv courses at Hoopla

Our Level 5: Advanced Long-Form Courses offer the chance to learn and perform a variety of different styles including improvised narrative, improvised movies, improvised theatre, character, harolds, clown, and musicals.

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People from Hoopla courses receive amazing ongoing performing opportunities with the chance to perform on a weekly basis in one of the Hoopla House Teams at Hoopla’s Theatre.