• Level 5: Advanced Long-Form Courses

advanced long-form courses

We have a variety of advanced long-form improv courses to introduce improvisers to the full variety of improv styles and show formats available.

A variety of advanced improv courses including Improvised Narrative, Improvised Theatre, Improvised Movies, Improvised Plays, Harolds, Genres, Devising, Sketch Comedy, Character, Improvised Musicals, Clowning, Commedia dell’Arte, Mask, Solo Improv, Super Short-Form, Deconstructions, Stagecraft  and more.

We’re going to be using our Advanced Improv Courses to introduce improvisers to the full variety of improv styles available, and hopefully inspire future developments in the wider improv scene.

Many of our advanced improv courses also have an end of course show at our Improv Comedy Club, where you perform together as a group.

These courses are designed for people with previous experience of performing improv, either at one of our end-of-course shows or with another group. If you don’t have previous improv experience it’s best to start with our other improv courses first.


    Devising Course

    With Katy Schutte. Use improvisation to create a scripted masterpiece! Starts April.

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    Improvised Theatre

    With Chris Mead and Maria Peters. How to improvise a play with emotionally connected scenes. Inspired by TJ & Dave and Dummy. Starts June.

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    Clown Course

    With Conor Jatter. The best bits of clowning in a 6 week course with Conor from The RH Experience. Starts May.

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    Harold Course

    With Maria Peters. Learn how to perform The Harold format in a fun & playful Hoopla style. Starts June.

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    Sketch Comedy Course

    With Gemma Arrowsmith. Learn how to write and perform sketch comedy with Gemma Arrowsmith from BBC1's Tracey Ullman show. Starts June.

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currently sold out

new dates announced soon!

Sally Hodgkiss

With Sally Hodgkiss and Jonah Fazel. Acting for improvisers. The best bits of drama school, applied to improv. Currently fully booked.

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Maria Peters Edinburgh bw

With Maria Peters. A brand new course to Hoopla, exploring The Deconstruction Format for the first time. Currently fully booked.

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Jinni Lyons BW

With Jinni Lyons. How to improvise solo and perform multiple characters with a cast of just you. Currently fully booked.

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Didi Hopkins 16 9 bw

With Didi Hopkins. A brand new 6 week course on Commedia dell’Arte & Mask with one of the UK’s leading Commedia teachers. Currently fully booked.

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Katy Schutte hands hips bw

With Katy Schutte. Break out of the style of ‘normal’ and into the exciting world of Genres! Currently fully booked.

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Susan Harrison Laughing bw

With Susan Harrison. Character, accents and impressions to help you expand your character range. Currently fully booked.

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Steve Death Star bw 16 9

With Jonah Fazel and Steve Roe. How to improvise exciting narratives and adventures in a movie format. Currently fully booked.

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Phil Lunn, Musical Improv Teacher

With Phil Lunn. Learn how to improvise songs and mini-musicals. No previous singing experience necessary! Currently fully booked.

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Mark Rawle Teacher

With Mark Rawle. Fun playful spontaneous short-form for experienced long-form improvisers! Short-form isn’t just for beginners. Currently fully booked.

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ongoing performance opportunities

Hoopla offer more performing opportunities than any other UK improv company.

People from Hoopla workshops have gone on to perform with lots of great groups across the UK improv scene including The Playground, Music Box, Bumper Blyton, Oxford Imps, The Maydays, The Committee, Dreamweaver Quartet, Do Not Adjust Your Stage, Impromptu Shakespeare Company, Actors Nightmare and more.

We run London’s 1st Improv Theatre and every Thursday evening and early Saturday evening is dedicated to new up and coming groups that have formed in our courses, giving them space to build up stage time and develop new shows.

We want to give our students as many performance opportunities as possible so every season we run open auditions to cast our new shows for that season. We announce details of these over our facebook and twitter and form at least two new shows every season.

Hoopla support improvisers, even months or years after they’ve done a course with us, and we constantly strive to give them the performing opportunities and support they need. We even have a dedicated Producer who is there to support you with performance opportunities whenever you need it.

We have a large welcoming community of improvisers, and it would be great to have you be part of it.

There’s more info for performers at our Improv Resources page.