International / English as as Second Language

International / English as a Second Language

London is a very international place and we are lucky enough to have a huge variety of nationalities and backgrounds on all of our courses. It is very common for British people to make up less than half of the class.

We especially have a large number of people from Italy, Spain, USA, Canada and France on our courses, along with a number of other nationalities.

The beauty of improv is that it brings people together, so whatever your nationality you are very welcome at Hoopla.

We also have a large number of students who have English as a Second Language and we are used to working with them to help them fully participate.

There’s also a facebook group for people who do improv with English as second language, feel free to join!

We have a code of conduct in place for teachers, students and performers to help prevent racism in improv and to help bring people together in a fun and supportive place.


We are very open to feedback about how we could improve the diversity of the UK improv scene, so if you have any suggestions please get in touch.


Improv for Everyone!

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