Men in Improv

Men in Improv

What’s that Hoopla? You’ve put a section on MEN in your Diversity and Inclusion policy?

That’s right! Because Improv for Everyone means everyone and that includes men.

Just because we are putting on additional shows and workshops to encourage more women into improv doesn’t mean we want less men. We love having men in improv and we want you at Hoopla!

We’re not segregating men and women. Yes we put on additional shows and workshops for women, because they were historically under represented in improv and comedy, but this is to balance things out so that men and women can be equally represented and play as one in improv and at Hoopla.

We want to make sure that the language of inclusion of one group doesn’t accidentally include the exclusion of another group. So to make things really clear: MEN WE WANT YOU IN IMPROV! WE WANT MORE MEN IN IMPROV!

We want more of everyone.

More than ever we need to come together and celebrate what is good about men in the improv scene, as well as helping men to support others and be part of the wider community.

Men need to talk to each other and share life experiences, and improv can be a small part of that and we want to encourage it.

Please free to also have a look at our full Diversity and Inclusion Policy.We are very open to feedback about how we could improve the diversity of the UK improv scene, so if you have any suggestions please get in touch.

Improv for Everyone!

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