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improv classes & courses

Hoopla’s improv classes & courses offer the most fun and friendly place to learn and play with improv in the UK.

We create a friendly, fun, sociable and supportive atmosphere in all our improv classes where people are free to play and be themselves. You don’t need any previous experience in improv, comedy or acting to take part.

Hoopla are the founders of the UK’s first improv theatre and have been established for over 14 years. We are also the UK’s biggest improv school, training 1000s of people every year.

We have the most experienced improv teachers in the UK, with their performing credits including The Showstoppers, Dreamweaver Quartet, Bumper Blyton, The Comedy Store Players, The Maydays, Paul Merton’s Impro Chums and more.

Hoopla offer a warm welcoming community to our students and loads of performing opportunities, even after a course, with ongoing support and regular shows at our improv theatre.

All of our improv classes & courses are based in central London at venues including London Bridge, Liverpool Street and King’s Cross.

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    Level 1: Beginners improv courses

    Our best course if you are new to improv. A 6 week course to learn the core skills of improvisation in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. You don’t need any drama, acting, comedy or impro experience whatsoever.

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    Level 2: Performance improv course

    An 8 week improv course to gently introduce you into performing improv live on stage for the first time. With an end of course show of short-form games & scenes at our improv comedy club.

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    Level 3: Long-form improv course

    An 8 week course exploring scenes & character in greater depth, and how to have fun connecting longer scenes together with tags and edits. With a showcase performance at the end.

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    Level 4: Advanced improv courses

    A variety of advanced improv classes including improvised narrative, improvised movies, improvised theatre, character, harolds, clown, and improvised musicals.

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additional improv classes

In addition to our main 6-8 week improv courses we also offer shorter one day and one evening standalone improv classes most Saturday daytimes and Monday evenings.

other comedy courses

We offer other types of comedy course – Stand Up Comedy & Sketch Comedy – for those wishing to branch out into different areas.

Hoopla Improv Classes

Saturday Drop-Ins

We have a different workshop theme most Saturdays.

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Monday Drop-Ins

Flexible practice improv classes every Monday evening.

Max Stand Up Comedy Course

Stand Up Comedy Course

How to write and perform stand up comedy, with live show at the end for you to perform stand up for the first time.

George and Edgar Sketch Comedy Course

Sketch Comedy Course

How to write and perform sketch comedy, including filming your own sketches and a live show at the end.

about improv

Our improv classes are incredibly fun, sociable and enjoyable. We create a really safe, trusting, supportive and playful atmosphere and there is a lot of laughter in the room!

Playing with impro is based upon people being present, playful and spontaneous in the moment by using the foundations of Listen, Yes And, Commit.

Improvisation is the ultimate team game with actors working together, listening to each other, and building on each other’s ideas to create whole new stories and scenes in the moment.

Individual improvisers don’t have to be individually clever, fast or funny. It is more about collaboratively working and playing together to build a greater whole. It’s a team game.

From these foundations improvisers work together to create exciting and captivating scenes, sketches and stories from nothing.

about Hoopla

Hoopla was founded in January 2006 by Steve Roe and Edgar Fernando, two old school friends who have known each other since they were 4 years old.

Hoopla founded the UK’s first ever Improvised Comedy Club at The Miller in London Bridge, recently recommended by Time Out, The Evening Standard and The Londonist.

“If improvisation floats your boat you should head to Hoopla. There’s fewer better ways to see what spur-of-the-moment comedy London has to offer.” – The Londonist

We currently run at least 30 improv classes a week, as well as putting on shows every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, to 1000s of people a year.

All of Hoopla’s teachers are approved, trained, highly experienced performers who have performed with groups across the London scene and Edinburgh Fringe.

Hoopla is the UK’s biggest improvisation training school.

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improv for everyone

Our improv classes & courses are open to all.

You don’t need any drama, acting, comedy or impro experience whatsoever. You don’t have to be clever, fast or funny.

We get people from all professions and backgrounds because it’s a great place to relax after work and do all the fun bits of drama and improvisation without the commitment of regular rehearsals or learning lines.

Our improv classes are suitable for everyone from complete beginners to experienced actors and improvisers.

We’ve worked with total beginners, experienced improvisers, drama school students, stand-ups and professional actors. We’ve worked with companies including Google, Facebook, Apple, Imperial College London, and charities including Mencap, Jigsaw4U and St. Mungo’s.

Our improv classes and courses are a great introduction to the world of impro, comedy and drama. All ages, all backgrounds, improv is for everyone.

We like to keep improv open to all so we offer half-price or free places on improv classes to students, unemployed or people on lower incomes. We also work with a number of schools and charities to help make improv available to everyone.