Improv for Younger People


We want to bring improv to more 18-21 year olds to Hoopla to help us improve the overall diversity of Hoopla and the UK improv scene in general.

Improv was originally designed for working with this age group or younger, by Keith Johnstone and Viola Spolin, and it’s a tradition we are keen to continue.

Improv gives younger people a helpful and fun experience in various communication, teamwork and creativity skills that are hugely beneficial for the rest of their lives.



If you are aged 18-21 you are eligible for one of our Diversity Scholarships that will give you a discounted price on all of our courses and make them more affordable.


Under 18s

We don’t currently have under 18s on our courses but if you or a family member are under 18 and would like to do improv please contact us and we will be able to recommend some other great companies that we are in partnership with.


We are very open to feedback about how we could improve the diversity of the UK improv scene, so if you have any suggestions please get in touch.


Improv for Everyone!

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