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Public Speaking Courses in London

You're just 6 weeks away from being a great public speaker.

Introducing the new approach to public speaking which will help you overcome your public speaking fear forever, so you can show the world who you really are.

The Hoopla Speaker’s Club helps emerging leaders who want to super-charge their career through the power of public speaking.

This actually works

Public speaking isn’t one of those things you get better at by reading a book. You need to do it. A lot. On this course you do.

No B.S.

Our public speaking courses have a unique structure. 6 workshops spread over 6 consecutive weeks. This is crucially important because it’s the reps that get you good.

A public speaking gym

Anyone who says they can fix your fears in a day, isn’t telling the truth. After all, you can’t get a six pack after one visit to the gym. But after 6 sessions you’ll feel and see amazing improvements. And so will your audience.

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Why choose Speakers Club?

Massive amounts of fun

Every workshop is experiential, energetic and delivered with dollops of personality by an expert trainer. We create an environment that you’ll love to return to every week, so that your association with public speaking is not terror but joy.

Meet the most interesting people in London

At our courses you’ll meet fascinating people and grow your network. Hoopla isn’t just a training company, it is a social circle. You’ll brush shoulders with start-up founders, pioneering technologists and inspiring thought leaders to name just a few. We believe that who you learn with is as important as what you learn, and on this course you won’t just leave with more confidence: you’ll make new friends too.

Amazing value for money

Our courses are priced so that they are accessible to everyone. We want to meet the most passionate, interesting people in London. Not just the richest.

We Get Lasting Results

One swallow doesn’t make a summer, one salad doesn’t make a diet, one run doesn’t make an athlete. Public speaking is no different. If you want change that endures, you need to practice. And you need a great coach to guide you in that practice. That’s what we provide.

This is where Speakers Club really stands out: in the structure of the learning. 6 workshops spread over 6 weeks.

Most other public speaking courses are 1 day long. Why? Because it suits the trainer! But it doesn’t work- there are no magic bullet solutions. That’s why we do things differently.

You’ll leave our courses with a tonne more confidence, new skills, and huge self-awareness of what your strengths are when you speak. But that isn’t it. When you leave your final workshop with us, we’ve still got your back. You’ll get in-depth follow-up notes, a free bonus improv class and continued access to your expert coach.

This dedication to our students is why thousands of students train with us every year. We’ve been doing in since 2005-and we’re just getting started.

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Who is this Public Speaking Course for?

People that want to make public speaking their super power instead of their kryptonite. Wherever you are now with public speaking and your career you’ll have a drive to take things up a level.

  • Nervous or reluctant presenters who want to learn new skills and step-up. Beginners very welcome!
  • Confident public speakers who want to take the next leap to inspiring, memorable communication.
  • Emerging leaders who want to build their personal brand through speaking.
  • Change makers who want to inspire their audience with their vision and purpose. Or, maybe you’re a start-up founder, or a leader at a non-profit. Or maybe you’ve got a side hustle that you want to grow: speaking spreads your story and helps you make things happen.

Any questions? Just get in touch.

Next Available Dates

Next Available Dates:

Theatre Deli, 107 Leadenhall Street, EC3A 4AF

Speakers Club
Tuesday January 10th 2023, over six consecutive weeks, 7pm till 9:30pm, at Deli Studios near Liverpool Street/Aldgate. BOOK

  • 7pm – 9:30pm
  • London
  • £285 inc. VAT
  • As above

Covid Guidelines

These courses are face-to-face, but both the venue and the class will operate under Covid-safe guidelines. We follow all government public health advice and review our policies weekly. If you would like more information then please give us a call or email us: [email protected] In the event of another London lock-down, your course will be re-arranged to a convenient date for you when things can return to normal. 

What We'll Cover

Our public speaking courses take you from beginner to expert presenter over six weeks. Workshops are from 7pm till 9:30pm in Central London so it’s super easy to get to after work. The content includes:

  • Charisma Fast: speak with confidence and warmth by learning 5 steps to irresistible charisma.
  • Pillars of Structure: how to generate content and structure it in the most powerful way possible to influence your audience.
  • Storytelling Magic: how to use stories to hook your audience’s attention, explain difficult concepts, and move them emotionally to action.
  • The Improv Edge: how to use the power of improvisation to speak off the cuff and handle any audience response. No preparation? No problem.
  • Never Feel Nervous Again: use five powerful principles from performance psychology, developed in tandem with our resident psychologist Dr Martin Perry.
  • Be you, but more so: we’ll develop your personal strengths, stop your weaknesses kicking your butt, and start with your unique personality so you develop a speaking style that is authentically you.
  • How to speak without notes: trick and tips to memorize content and present without using your slides as a crutch.


The Speakers Club is by far the most fun and practical public speaking course I have ever taken! In the classroom, you will learn a lot of tricks and techniques to improve your presentation skills, while getting many opportunities to directly practice in the class. I came out of it a lot more confident in my ability to structure a presentation, make it relevant to the audience and speak in front of a crowd which is exactly what I wanted from this course… I think I have finally got rid of my absolutely fear of speaking in front of people, which is massively exciting! Thank you for these 6 weeks of learning and fun! I had a great time


Speakers club is outstanding. It’s very well organised with concrete tips on how to structure your writing for speeches and presentations. More crucially, though, the course gives you legitimate confidence to speak in front of an audience—even on the spot without notes. This is particularly valuable as I think the skills learned will bleed into other aspects of my professional life, giving me a heightened ability to engage with C-suite individuals and express my ideas. To top it all off it’s extremely fun with really good people in attendance! Couldn’t recommend it enough.


Speakers Club is a brilliant way to improve your public speaking skills. I used to dread being in front of an audience, and would avoid presentations like the plague. These days, I feel far more comfortable. Lessons were fun and engaging, my classmates were great, and the feedback you receive is extremely valuable. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


There is a real art to public speaking and it’s not something you can get from a book. The value of Hoopla’s speaker’s club is it offers a safe space to practice, in a fun yet insightful way. It’s well organised, good value and the trainers really know their stuff. Would recommend to anyone who presents to others as part of their job.


The course was excellent with numerous different scenarios to present under the encouraging eye of the trainers who back up their teachings with experience. I can strongly recommend it and have further booked an Improv course for the new year.


The course really helped me identify areas for improvement of my current presentation skills. The variety and volume of exercises really helped embed the techniques!


Practice makes perfect, supportive and warm teacher, group exercises, improvement of self-confidence and communication skills, feedback from not only teacher but also peers, increase of self-awareness.


Our instructor’s enthusiasm and sense of humour managed to make public speaking actually enjoyable. They taught simple and effective ways to structure speeches and engage audiences that I hadn’t considered before. The masses of practice you get in is incredibly valuable and the cohort was a very supportive and fun group of people. I would recommend to anybody that needs a confidence boost in public speaking!


The construct of the class was very hands-on and practice oriented – we were always on our feet which helped a lot!


It was a fantastic course, I learnt a lot, built so many skills and I have been telling everyone about it.


Your trainers


Gabby Best

Gabby is a comedian, actor and writer. She trained at The Oxford School of drama and went on to win the Funny Women Awards. She can be seen / heard on BBC, Channel 4, Netflix and Radio 4 and most recently starred in Sharon Horgan’s BAFTA winning ‘Dreamland’ for Sky Arts. She will be taking her sell out Edinburgh show ‘10,432 Sheep’ to the Soho Theatre in 2020 and is currently filming God of the Games for Comedy Central.

Gabby has drawn upon her training and experience, working as a facilitator with Sounds Like Chaos, The Agency BAC and The Single Homelessness Project. She is particularly interested in working with non-performers – using comedy and improvisation to build confidence and free the voice.

Max Dickins Sq

Max Dickins

Max Dickins started his career as a radio presenter for Absolute Radio, where he was nominated for a prestigious Sony Radio Award. He then turned to stand-up, performing thousands of gigs on the comedy circuit and creating three full length solo shows for the Edinburgh fringe festival. Including ‘My Groupon Adventure,’ which was a sell-out at the Pleasance in 2014. His first book, ‘My Groupon Adventure’, inspired by that show, was published in June 2016. On TV, Max was recently seen on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show.

Max is also a critically acclaimed playwright. His first play ‘The Trunk’ was named by Theatre Weekly as one of their top ten theatre shows of 2016. His 2017 show ‘The Man on the Moor’ enjoyed a sell-out run at the Underbelly before touring nationally. Kin, his third play, has recently been published by Samuel French. His latest show,, ‘Love Them To Death,’ goes into production this summer.

He’s currently proud to be the presenter of ‘Voom Room‘ (Sundog Pictures), featuring news, gossip and great guests from the Vigin Media Business Voom competition. (Think Dragon’s Den, but with Sir Richard Branson).

He’s also the author of Improvise! A book that will show you how to use the secrets of improv to achieve extraordinary results at work.

John Ridpath 300-300

John Ridpath

John Ridpath is a technologist, writer and educator. He draws upon storytelling techniques across a variety contexts, including learning experience design, journalism, public speaking, leadership, sales, creative writing and standup comedy.

John is a frequent public speaker and facilitator in front on large and small audiences, both at private client events and at conferences such as SXSW, DEF CON and One Young World. He has written for the New Statesman, Times Literary Supplement, Eye Magazine, Contagious and i-D Magazine.

John was previously Head of Product at Decoded, where he was responsible for designing and delivering technology education programmes covering topics such as code, data science, blockchain, cybersecurity, AI, future of work, storytelling and innovation. Before Decoded, he worked as a journalist, lecturer and software developer.

Lauren Silver 300-300

Lauren Silver

Lauren is a clown, actor and theatre-maker. Her work has played national & international venues including London’s Vaudeville Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Leicester Square Theatre, Theatre by the Lake & the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Lauren uses her training and experience to specialise in cultivating confidence in others. Through her career, she’s uncovered a convertible toolkit of expertise in purposeful play of which she now brings to facilitating corporate teams and leaders, including BBH Zag, Saatchi & Saatchi, ITV, Wizz Air and Accenture.

She enjoys working with companies and communities to develop creative, productive and supportive teams with a focus on the importance of improving and maintaining their collective mental health and wellbeing.

The course in more detail

This public speaking course is all about equipping you with essential tools and techniques that you can put you into action straight away. This class is practical, fun and taught by professional communicators from stage and screen. People who have been there and done it, a thousand times before. Most of all, this course is about building your confidence. Slowly but surely allowing you to overcome your fear of public speaking, so that you are never held back by it again.

The ability to confidently and engagingly speak in public is a huge asset in any career and in anyone’s life. You’ll leave with this invaluable gift, and be able to communicate with a group of strangers as easily and naturally as you do with your family and friends.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of what you’ll learn:

Week 1: How to Own the Room

This first week is all about how to gain the trust of the audience. Fundamentally, while our content needs to be credible, if the way we hold ourselves when we speak is not congruent with this content it will not land with the audience. So, this workshop is all about the role of body language in presenting.

The key-takeaways for week 1 include:

  • What confident body language looks like and how you can use it to engage an audience.
  • A simple hack to make yourself feel more confident right away.
  • The 5 keys to irresistible charisma.

Week 2: How to Make Your Audience Care

This first week is all about how to gain the trust of the audience. Fundamentally, while our content needs to be credible, if the way we hold ourselves when we speak is not congruent with this content it will not land with the audience. So, this workshop is all about the role of body language in presenting.

The key-takeaways for week 2 include:

  • How to use an ‘empathy map,’ to ensure that your content captures the hearts and mind of your audience.
  • The 5 different ‘Speaking Hats’ all great speakers wear when they prepare any presentation.
  • How to speak without notes and be ‘in the room,’ rather than stuck in your head.

Week 3: How to Hook your Audience’s Attention

In this workshop you’ll explore how to structure your presentations and speeches to make them as impactful as possible. We also touch on the power of bringing some vulnerability to your speaking to create rapport with your audience.

The key-takeaways for week 3 include:

  • The one simple but essential structure you need for any speech or presentation.
  • The one big mistake everyone makes when they prepare their presentation-and what you can do instead.
  • Plus, lots of personal feedback so that you can build awareness of both your speaking sticking points and more importantly your unique strengths.

Week 4: How to Tell Great Stories

This week is all about using storytelling to connect emotionally with your audience.

The key-takeaways for week 4 include:

  • The simple shape of all well-told stories.
  • The simple change you can make to your public speaking that will immediately put you in the top 5% of speakers.
  • How to involve your audience in your speech with practical audience interaction techniques.

Week 5: How to Start and End with a Bang

This workshop covers different ways to start and end your speech with impact. You’ll also learn different brainstorm techniques for creating content for your presentation.

The key-takeaways for week 5 include:

  • Different opening and closing techniques so you’re prepared for any sort of audience.
  • How to express complex ideas in a simple and engaging way.
  • The art of the edit: knowing what to cut from your presentation to aid clarity and memorability.

Week 6: Overcoming Nerves

This final session is about practical tips you can use to present without nerves. While we have covered content and delivery in previous weeks, this class is focused more explicitly on the mindset of a confident speaker.

The key-takeaways for week 6 include:

  • Things you can do in preparation for your speech, just before your speech and during your speech to ensure you are in the most confident mindset possible.
  • How to use your voice when you present, including pacing, pausing and projection.
  • What to do if things go wrong when you make a presentation, including how to handle difficult questions.

Any questions? Just get in touch.

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We have followed government guidance to make sure all of our classes are covid-secure.

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