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improv resources

Resources to help people on our improv classes, new performers and people new to hoopla improv.

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performing opportunities

Hoopla aim to provide our students with as many performing opportunities and as much ongoing support as possible.

We run the UK’s first ever improv comedy club with shows running 7 nights a week featuring people who trained with Hoopla Improv.

We want to give our students as many performance opportunities as possible so every season we run open auditions for our new Hoopla House Teams for that season.

With Hoopla you’re joining a large community and network of improvisers and can build up experience on stage in a friendly place to become the improviser you want to be.


improv for everyone

Hoopla aim to make improv for everyone, open and accessible to all. We offer half-price or free places on improv classes to students, unemployed or people on lower incomes.

We also work with a number of schools and charities to help make improv available to everyone.

Our diversity policy makes sure we make improv available to people of all backgrounds, and our code of conduct policies enable us to create a fun, safe and supportive environment in all of our classes and shows .


join the team


Hoopla’s Improv Theatre is at The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge, London, SE1 3ss.

Hoopla’s improv classes are in various locations across Central London, please see each course page for details.