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game of the scene

Improvise hilarious scenes that look like beautifully honed comedy sketches.

In Hoopla’s Game of the Scene course you will learn how to create hilarious improvised scenes that look like beautifully honed comedy sketches to your audience.

Game of the Scene is identifying the FUN thing (or one of the many fun things!) in the scene and then playing with it and escalating it.

It allows you to repeat and escalate funny behaviours to create comedic characters, fantastic scenes and detailed worlds. It’s like improv electricity used to power your scene!

In this course you’ll learn how to identify, create and play Game of the Scene through playful exercises while having lots of practice with your fellow improvisers.

Topics we’ll explore include Who What Where, Unusual Thing, Exploring, Heightening, Justification and Ending Scenes.

The course will add an invaluable tool to your improv arsenal that will allow you to get even more fun from your scenes and shows!

dates & times

Dates: Every Monday for 6 weeks from Monday 7th March 2022. BOOK

Time: 7pm – 9pm.

Price: £165.

Teacher: Liam Brennan.

Venue: Theatre Delicatessen Studios, 2 Finsbury Avenue, London, EC2M 2PF.

Tube: Liverpool Street or Moorgate.

There’s more about what Game of the Scene is in Liam’s blog!

liam brennan

Liam trained at UCB and iO.

He performs in Hoopla’s brand new long-form house team Michelle, long-form group The Science of Living Things, narrative long-form show Fright Night, short-form group Gamez and the Improv Crystal Maze and directs many of our new shows.

Liam also facilitates Hoopla’s corporate training with regular clients including Google, Facebook, Accenture and more.

He originally trained at the University of Kent gaining a Masters in Stand-Up Comedy, as well as joining the University’s resident short form Improv group founded by the Noise Next Door.

Liam’s teaching style is fun and encouraging, while also teaching you some awesome skills to make your improv great!


>> Liam’s quick guide to game of the scene


Covid-19 Safety & Flexibility

All legal restrictions on classes ended on 19th July 2021 but we do have some covid measures still in place to keep things safe while having fun.

We also offer full flexibility on bookings to give you peace of mind when planning ahead.

>> Safety in classes

>> Full booking flexibility

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