• fun and playful Harolds!

Harold improv course

An advanced course to learn how to perform The Harold format.

The Harold is a long-form improv format originally invented by Del Close and then further developed by Del Close and Charna Halpern at iO Theatre in Chicago in the 1980s. Their work inspired improvisers like John Belushi, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner & Tina Fey and a lot of modern sitcoms are based on Harold structures.

The format involves exploring three different worlds from a fun opening and revisiting those scenes and characters to explore connections, patterns and themes that emerge like magic for the audience.

We aim to help you perform a Harold that is fun and funny while exploring themes, emotions, relationships and deeper theatrical ideas. We will teach a variety of styles and techniques for performing The Harold, giving you the freedom to choose what works for you and what you enjoy.

Most of all we aim to make performing The Harold feel fun, playful and joyous!

Harold from the heart.

dates, time, location


Every Wednesday for 8 weeks from Wednesday 8th November 2023, with a break over Christmas and New Year, plus as show on Thursday 18th January 2024. BOOK

Exact Dates:  8th November, 15th November, 22nd November, 29th November, 6th December, 13th December, Break, 10th January, 17th January, show on 18th January.

Every Tuesday for 8 weeks from Tuesday 23rd May 2023, plus show on Monday 17th July 2023. SOLD OUT

Time: 7pm – 9:30pm.

Teacher: Liam Brennan.

Price: £230. Either payable all at once or with an initial payment of £100 followed by the remaining £130 once the course starts.

Venue: Theatre Delicatessen Studios, 107 Leadenhall Street, EC3A 4AF.

Tubes: Bank/Liverpool Street/Fenchurch Street.


Only suitable for people with previous long-form improv experience. If you haven’t got previous long-form experience it’s best to do our level 3 and level 4 improv course first.

teacher Liam Brennan

Liam trained at UCB and iO.

He performs in Hoopla’s brand new long-form house team Michelle, long-form group The Science of Living Things, narrative long-form show Fright Night, short-form group Gamez and the Improv Crystal Maze and directs many of our new shows.

Liam also facilitates Hoopla’s corporate training with regular clients including Google, Facebook, Accenture and more.

He originally trained at the University of Kent gaining a Masters in Stand-Up Comedy, as well as joining the University’s resident short form Improv group founded by the Noise Next Door.

Liam’s teaching style is fun and encouraging, while also teaching you some awesome skills to make your improv great!