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“The supportive atmosphere ensures that even complete beginners Will have the confidence to grow their skills” Time out

Improv Classes: One Day Options

Hoopla offer one of the most fun places to learn and play with improv in the UK.

We create a friendly, fun, sociable and supportive atmosphere in all our improv classes where people are free to play and be themselves.

All of our improv comedy classes are based in central London.

In addition to our main 8 week improv courses we also offer shorter one day or one evening standalone workshops most Saturday daytimes and Monday evenings, and additional bonus workshops every month.

Topics include Beginners Improv Courses, Beginners Improv Taster Classes, Listening, Yes And, Spontaneity, Character, Scenes, Story, Short-Form, Long-Form and more.

We also run our main longer 8 week improv courses including: Beginners Improv Course, Performance Improv Course, Stand Up Comedy Course and Long-Form Improv Course.

Our Improv Classes

Our classes are incredibly fun, sociable  and enjoyable. We create a really safe, trusting, supportive and playful atmosphere and there is a lot of laughter in the room!

Our Beginners Improv Class is a fun and friendly one day introduction to improv. No experience of improv, comedy or acting needed whatsoever. Open to everyone.

Our Scenes Scenes Scenes Improv Class is an intensive one day class for people with previous improv experience to get more practice improvising scenes. Focussing on agreement, platforms, & game of the scene.

Our Character Improv Class is an intensive one day class on improvising commedic characters.

Our Narrative Improv Class is an intense one day class on improvising stories.

We also have occasional Guest Improv Teachers visiting from across the globe.

Improv Courses

We also do longer 8 week courses:

>> Beginners Improv Course

>> Performance Improv Course

>> Long Form Improv Course

>> Advanced Improv Courses

Stand Up Comedy Courses

We also do 8 week stand up comedy courses:

>> Stand Up Comedy Courses


Q. What class is best for me if I haven’t done anything before?

A. The Beginners Improv Course is the best option if you haven’t done anything before.

Q. Do I have to do a Beginners Taster Day before doing the longer course?

A: No. Everything we do in the Beginners Taster Day is also covered in the course.

Q: Do I need any previous experience?

A: No. You don’t need any previous improv, comedy or acting experience to do one of our Beginners Improv Courses or Beginners Improv Classes.

Q. Should I do a course or a one day class?

A. If you can commit to a number of sessions it’s better to do an improv course, as you get to progress each week and bond together as a team and learn at a faster rate. If you want something more flexible though then the one-day and one-evening classes are a good idea, as these can fit around other performing, work and play commitments.

Q. How much improv do I have to have done to do the weekend or  Monday evening classes?

A. You don’t need any experience to do the Beginners Improv Class or Beginners Improv Course. For everything else you need to have done the Beginners Improv Class, Beginners Improv Course, or the equivalent somewhere else. Contact us if you’re not sure.

Q. What class  is best for me if I’ve done some improv or acting before?

A. The Performance Improv Course, Long-Form Course, Monday Evenings and any of our Saturday Improv Classes are all suitable for people with previous improv or acting experience.

Q. What kind of people do your classes?

A. All manner of backgrounds, all ages and all levels of performing experience depending on each class. We get everyone from never been on a stage before and doing it for the challenge or just for fun, to professional actors and comedians. You don’t need any previous acting background to do our classes. Everyone’s welcome.

Q. I’ve never done any acting or comedy before, is that ok?

A. Yes, that’s definitely OK. Our Beginners Improv Class or Beginners Improv Course is really suited to people who haven’t had any experience before and you’ll be enjoying it in no time.

Q. Who teaches the classes?

A.  Our teachers include Steve Roe, Maria Peters, Katy Schutte, Edgar Fernando, Heather Urquhart, Chris Mead, Jinni Lyons, Sophie Pumphrey, Andrew Gentilli and Jon Monkhouse. All of our teachers are also highly experienced performers. Their biographies are listed on each course page and also at teacher biographies.

Q. What are the class sizes?

A. We limit the class sizes to 14 people, so that the class is small enough that you get lots of time on stage with a fun atmosphere.

Q: What is the age range?

A. We are open to all ages over 18. Impro is suitable for all ages, we’ve had everyone from 18 to over 80. It’s physical but not more physical than normal every day life, and you are welcome to take a break whenever you want or sit out of exercises you don’t think would be suitable.

Q. What do you actually do in the classes?

A. It depends on the class but in general it goes - brief chat from us, get to know you, physical warm ups, exercises and games, playing with it and putting it together to improvise lots of scenes, games and stories. There are more details on each class page. If you’re not sure what improv is feel free to have a look at about improv.

Q. Is it quite sociable?

A. Yes, improv is probably the most sociable hobby going. We usually stay for a drink after all our workshops, conveniently located near pubs, and The Miller is also a great place to hang out after shows. There’s a massive and rapidly growing scene to get involved in.

Q. How do I get to perform?

A. Please see our Performance Improv Course, Long Form Course or Improv Performance Opportunities. We run our own Improv Comedy Club, recommended by both Time Out and The Londonist, so we have a lot of ongoing performance opportunities and actively encourage performing improvisers. We also host regular Improv Networking Events to get improvisers meeting groups.

The supportive atmosphere ensures that even complete beginners will have the confidence to grow their skills.”

Time Out

“This introduction to improvisation will teach the skills you'll need to master scenes, stories and sketches in a relaxed environment.

“Thanks for the workshop. All the feedback has been extremely positive! The team loved it!”

PR Manager, Comedy Central

"Beginners Impro - This is a brilliant course, which I cannot rate highly enough. The teachers  are experts in the field of impro and made sure that everyone had fun from beginning to end. The course is taken in a relaxed and supportive environment which meant everyone was able to 'let go' and enjoy themselves. It was so much fun, I have just booked the next course!” Sam Merrington

“Great improv workshop with @hooplaimpro couldn't stop smiling from beginning until end!”


“Thank you for an awesome session this eve. Haven't laughed this much on a Monday eve for years :-)” @SarasmithsVO

“Have I mentioned that I’m Learning Improv with @hooplaimpro and it is the best thing ever? Because I am and it is.”


"The workshop was just so much fun with an amazing teacher."

Joëlle Sarrailh

Reviews and Testimonials:

1. Beginners Improv CourseBEGINNERS IMPROV COURSE

Our best course if you are new to improv. £20 off if booked this week.

An 8 week course to learn the core skills of improvisation in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. You dont need any drama, acting, comedy or impro experience whatsoever.

monday Drop-ins

Flexible practice classes every Monday evening.

Sat 14th July 2018: One day workshop with Chris Mead.


Sat 16th June 2018: With Susan Harrison from Showstoppers.

CHARACTER Various Dates: Beginners Improv Classes BEGINNERS TASTER DAYS

Saturdays: Fun & friendly one day

introductions to improv.