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A variety of advanced improv courses including Advanced Long-Form Formats, Improvised Musicals, Story, Improvised Plays, Narrative Long-Form, Harolds, Solo Improv, Sketch Comedy, Improvising on Film, YouTube, Producing, Directing, Improvised Poetry, Two Prov and Genres.

We’re going to be using our Advanced Improv Courses to introduce improvisers to the full variety of improv styles available, and hopefully inspire future developments in the wider improv scene.

All of our advanced improv courses also have an end of course show at our Improv Comedy Club, where you perform together as a group.

These courses are designed for people with previous experience of performing improv. If you don’t have previous improv experience it’s best to start with our beginners improv course first.

Advanced Improv Courses

Advanced Improv Courses

“Thanks for the workshop. All the feedback has been extremely positive! The team loved it!”

PR Manager, Comedy Central

Reviews & Testimonials:

“The workshop is supportive and collaborative and neatly strips out the expectation and nerves that result from comedic preparation.”

The Evening Standard

“Inspiring, hilarious and richly rewarding. The workshop brightened up everyone's morning. The whole experience was a true pleasure and hugely helpful.”

James Honda-Pinder, Apple

“You really rocked it as ever, and I have heard nothing but good from the participants. Once again, thanks again for a splendid series of workshops.” Gareth Mitchell, Lecturer, Science Communication, Imperial College.

“Great improv workshop with @hooplaimpro couldn't stop smiling from beginning until end!”


“Thank you for an awesome session this eve. Haven't laughed this much on a Monday eve for years :-)” @SarasmithsVO

“Have I mentioned that I’m Learning Improv with @hooplaimpro and it is the best thing ever? Because I am and it is.” @flyingnelly


An advanced course to learn how to perform The Harold in a fun and playful Hoopla style with Maria Peters and Katy Schutte. 8 week course with performance at the end. FULLY BOOKED.

How to perform improvised theatre in the style of TJ & Dave and Dummy. With Chris Mead.

6 week course with a performance at the end. STARTS NOVEMBER 2017.


How to improvise a musical. Improvised singing, scenes into songs, opening numbers, duets, solos, improvising lyrics and more. STARTS JANUARY 2018.

A TWELVE WEEK course with TWO MAIN shows and multiple other mini-shows. Based on Katy Schuttes new book The Improvisers Way. STARTS NOVEMBER 2017.


All of our 8 week Advanced Improv Courses also have an end of course performance at our Improv Comedy Club in London Bridge at the end.

We also offer ongoing support for performing improvisers after our courses. We’re always keen to support new shows and help grow the improv scene and help grow improv in new directions.

Advanced One Day Options


Were running a different workshop most Saturdays in 2017, with many themes suitable for people with previous improv experience.

If you’ve already got some experience and are now looking to perform improv regularly please have a look at our Improv Community page where there are links to lot of places to perform improv and other helpful info.

Where to Perform Improv


How to improvise a full length play/movie. Improvise exciting and captivating multi-scene stories. 8 week course with a performance at the end. STARTS JANUARY 2018.


A brand new six week course about how to expand your character range and go beyond your default characters with Maria Peters. STARTS NOVEMBER 2017.