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Every Thursday for 8 weeks from Thur 10th Sept with Steve Roe. (3 places left) >> BOOK


Every Wednesday for 8 weeks from Wed 23rd September 2015 with Jinni Lyons. >> BOOK


Every Wednesday for 8 weeks from Wed 7th October 2015 with Katy Schutte. >> BOOK


Every Thursday for 8 weeks from Thu 4th June 2015 with Heather Urquhart. FULLY BOOKED


Every Tuesday for 8 weeks from Tuesday 9th June 2015 with Jinni Lyons. FULLY BOOKED


Every Tuesday for 8 weeks from Tuesday 7th July 2015 with Katy Schutte. FULLY BOOKED


Every Tuesday for 8 weeks from Tuesday 8th September 2015 with Steve Roe. FULLY BOOKED


Every Monday for 8 weeks from Mon 7th Sept with Maria Peters. FULLY BOOKED

Time: 7pm - 9:30pm.

Price: £180. Either payable all at once or with an initial payment of £90 followed by the remaining £90 once the course starts.

Where: Theatre Delicatessen, 119 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3DA.

Tube: Farringdon (Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City lines).

Ages: 18+

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Beginners Improv Course

8 week beginners courses to learn the core skills of improvised comedy.

Hoopla offer one of the most fun and friendly environments to learn improvisation in the UK.


Complete beginners are welcome. You don’t need any drama, acting, comedy or impro experience whatsoever. You don’t have to be clever, fast or funny either!

Hoopla create a friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere in workshops where people are free to play and be themselves.

Impro is not the same as stand-up; you're not alone on stage and it's not about telling jokes. It's about working together as a team with other improvisers to spontaneously create group stories, scenes & sketches.

Over a course of 8 weekly workshops you’ll progress as a team while learning core improvisation skills like Spontaneity, Listening, Yes And, Character, Scenes, Games, Story and having fun with improvisation.

Course Contents

Each session consists of some fun and friendly warm ups, then some exercises on some of the core skills of improvisation, followed by having some fun with improvising games, scenes and stories.

We’ll be covering loads of improv topics as part of the course including:


- Active Listening and Awareness.

- Being in the moment. Presence.

- Creative Teamwork. Being Obvious.

- Trust.

Yes And, Yes Let’s.

- Accepting and Building on Offers.

- Expanding and Deepening Offers.

- Verbal, Emotional and Physical Offers.


- Going for it. Improvising carefree.

- Playing and having fun with mistakes.

- Confidence on stage.

- Physical improvisation.

Character & Relationships.

- Physical Characters.

- Status

- Emotions, Reactions, Being Altered.

- Improvising Characters with Depth.

- Relationships, Attitude, Point of View.


- Scene Structure.

- Platforms, Environment, Relationship.

- Being Altered.

- Spotting, reacting, justifying unusual.

- Game of the Scene.

- Scene work.


- Narrative Structure.

- Building Platforms.

- Character, Relationship, Location.

- Keeping it Real.

- What Happens Next & Reincorporation.

You’ll be rehearsing with the same people regularly every week, so you progress each week, getting to know each other and building up a team with your fellow improvisers and the director.

Most of all we make improv fun.

Available Dates:

Thurs from 10th Sept >> BOOK


Wed from 23rd Sept >> BOOK


Wed from 7th Oct >> BOOK

Steve Roe (8th & 10th Sept Start Dates)

Steve Roe is the co-founder of Hoopla and has been teaching improv for over nine years.

Steve creates a friendly, fun & supportive atmosphere in workshops where people are free to play and be themselves.

In 2010 Steve founded London’s first improvised comedy club at The Miller in London Bridge, the UK’s first ever improv comedy club, creating a vibrant community of performers and audience.

Hoopla’s Improv Comedy Club was recently recommended by Time Out, The Daily Telegraph The Evening Standard and The Londonist.

Steve has studied improv with Keith Johnstone, Charna Halpern from IO, Patti Styles from Improv Melbourne, Shawn Kinley from Loose Moose, The Annoyance, The Upright Citizens Brigade, Fooling with Jonathan Kay and Clown with Mick Barnfather.

Steve performs with The House Band and regularly hosts Hoopla’s nights at The Miller, as well as performing, producing and directing various groups across the London improv scene.

He continues to support countless other shows that have popped up from Hoopla workshops and is influential in growing the UK’s improv scene.

Maria Peters (7th September Start Date)

Maria Peters is an improv veteran, recently back from intensive training at IO Theatre in Chicago.

Maria is currently performing in Breaking & Entering, improvised long-form with Lauren Shearing. She also produces The Playground, one of Hoopla’s most popular regular shows.

She's worked with some of the world’s finest teachers of improv such as the legendary Keith Johnstone, Baby Wants Candy, the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York & Chicago’s famous IO.

To top it all off Maria is a professional educator. Having spent over 10 years in learning & informal education, she understands the fundamentals of passing on knowledge in interactive & engaging ways.

Maria believes it’s paramount to put her students’ needs first and always creates a friendly, relaxed environment where the goal in every class is to learn new things while having a bloody good time.

Jinni Lyons (23rd September Start Date)

Jinni has performed both short-form and long-form improv all over London, at the Edinburgh Fringe, and in Italian at the Match d'Improvizzazione Mondiali, as well as in improvathons in Liverpool, London, and at the Bristol Old Vic.

For the past two years she has been improvising solo in Jinni Lyons is an Only Child, touring this year to festivals in Texas, Boston, Cambridge and Bristol.

After starting her improv training with Hoopla, she went on to learn from Cariad Lloyd (Austentatious), Mark Beltzman (co-founder of Improv Olympic, Chicago, and Director at Second City), Dylan Emery (Showstoppers!, The School of Night) and Jacob Banigan (Rapid Fire Theatre, Edmonton, Canada).

She is also a teacher at The Actors Centre, where she was a judge for this year's Alan Bates Bursary Award.

Katy Schutte (7th October Start Date)

Katy Schutte is one of the UK's top improvised comedy teachers and performers.  She trained at Second City and iO Chicago, as well as with the Annoyance, UCB and more.   

Katy has been performing and teaching with The Maydays for 11 years, is half of the two woman long form show Katy and Rach, and produces monthly comedy night Geekeasy with sci-fi improv team Project2.

She has toured with Fluxx, improvised musicals with Music Box and Baby Wants Candy and guested in the London and Liverpool Improvathons and with Grand Theft Impro.

Katy is a Funny Women finalist and winner of the Brighton Festival Fringe Best Comedy Show award.

She was the England coach for the Match Improvvisazione Teatrale in Italy, taking England to the world semi-finals.  She also won the Comedy School Improv Cup and the Bristol Improv Festival Throwdown with the Maydays.


Q: What comes after this course?

A: Our Performance Improv Course is a natural follow on.

Q: Who is this suitable for?

A: Total beginners to improvisation, acting or comedy, or people who’ve only ever done a few improv workshops before.  

Q: How much improv or acting should I have done before doing this course?

A: You don’t need to have done anything at all before starting this course. No experience is necessary.

Q: I’ve never done any impro, comedy or acting before, I’ve never been on stage in my life, is that OK?

A: Yes that’s perfect, this course has been designed for total beginners so you’d be very welcome.

Q: What if I can’t make every week?

A: That’s fine. We have distinct topics each week so you won’t be behind if you’ve missed a week, as we’ll be teaching new stuff each week.

Q: What if I’m running late?

A: We’ll be starting each session at 7pm, but if you’re held up at work or whatnot please come along anyway, we’d rather you turned up late than miss a session. You’ll get more out of the workshop if you’re there at 7pm though, as that’s when we discuss the theme for the evening and also do all of our warm ups.

Q: Do I have to perform in front of an audience?

A: No. You will not be performing in front of an audience in this course, just with the other people on the course. If you want to perform in front of an audience we also run our Performance Improv Course, which is a good follow up to this course.

Q: What’s the class size?

A: The group size is going to be limited to 14 people - small enough that you get lots and lots of practice and stage time, but big enough that there’s still a lively atmosphere in the workshop. It’ll be fun as we get to know each other and build a team together.

Q: What is it?

A: Improv. Teams of people, including you, playing together to improvise scenes, sketches, games and stories. It’s not stand-up, you’re not by yourself on stage. More about improv.

Q: What kind of people do your courses?

A: We get people from lots of different backgrounds, from a wide variety of ages. We’ve had everyone from 18 to 80 on our courses. We’ve taught improvisation to computer programmers, teachers, engineers, actors, accountants, comedians, students and more. We get lots of different people as it’s a good place to relax and have some fun after work.

Q: Does it matter what teacher I have?

A: No. We all come from similar performing and training backgrounds. We plan the sessions together to make sure it’s the same experience and we are covering the same topics.

Q: What if I’ve already done some improv?

A: You might want to have a look at our Performance Improv Course or Long Form Course instead.

Q: What makes this different from other courses?

A: It’s very welcoming to total beginners with no pressure, and lots of fun. There are loads of laughs and it’s hugely enjoyable. We try to make our courses the most fun out there.

Available Dates:


Every Thursday for 8 weeks from Thursday 10th September 2015 with Steve Roe. >> BOOK NOW


Every Wednesday for 8 weeks from Wednesday 23rd September 2015 with Jinni Lyons. >> BOOK NOW


Every Wednesday for 8 weeks from Wednesday 7th October 2015 with Katy Schutte. >> BOOK NOW

“If improvisation floats your boat you should head to Hoopla. There’s fewer better ways to see what spur-of-the-moment comedy London has to offer.”

The Londonist

“Everywhere you look, huge grins suggest an enthusiasm-and an attentiveness-that is rarely seen in the classroom.”

The Daily Telegraph

“You really rocked it as ever, and I have heard nothing but good from the participants. Once again, thanks again for a splendid series of workshops.” Gareth Mitchell, Lecturer, Science Communication, Imperial College.

“Inspiring, hilarious and richly rewarding. The workshop brightened up everyone's morning. The whole experience was a true pleasure and hugely helpful.”

James Honda-Pinder, Apple

The supportive atmosphere ensures that even complete beginners will have the confidence to grow their skills.”

Time Out

“This introduction to improvisation will teach the skills you'll need to master scenes, stories and sketches in a relaxed environment.

“The workshop is supportive and collaborative and neatly strips out the expectation and nerves that result from comedic preparation.”

The Evening Standard

“Thanks for the workshop. All the feedback has been extremely positive! The team loved it!”

PR Manager, Comedy Central

"Beginners Impro - This is a brilliant course, which I cannot rate highly enough. The teachers  are experts in the field of impro and made sure that everyone had fun from beginning to end. The course is taken in a relaxed and supportive environment which meant everyone was able to 'let go' and enjoy themselves. It was so much fun, I have just booked the next course!” Sam Merrington

“Great improv workshop with @hooplaimpro couldn't stop smiling from beginning until end!”


“Thank you for an awesome session this eve. Haven't laughed this much on a Monday eve for years :-)” @SarasmithsVO

“Have I mentioned that I’m Learning Improv with @hooplaimpro and it is the best thing ever? Because I am and it is.”


"The workshop was just so much fun with an amazing teacher."

Joëlle Sarrailh

“Just wanted to give you a huge thank you for this amazing two months in improv courses. I really liked the passion you put each evening and the energy in explaining all the practices, games and skills. I sincerely enjoyed each and every one of them. Besides all the improv techniques I learnt, it was a fantastic experience.” Fernando Martinez Denia

“@hooplaimpro We heart you! Such a fun 8 weeks and such great people! I shall be seeing you again!” @SarahSquare28

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