Covid-19 Safety and Flexibility

Our real-life classes and shows are now back.

In addition to real-life our online courses will also continue to run.

From 19th July 2021 most of the legal restrictions on workshops and shows have been removed, but we understand many of you may still have some concerns regards covid and we also acknowledge the wider covid situation may change, so we are gradually phasing our safety measures out rather than removing everything at once.

If you have symptoms, test positive, are contacted by Test and Trace, or pinged by the app, please do not come in to classes or shows for the recommended amount of time.

As always we will be very flexible to the wider situation so we can roll back various safety measures if needed, and we also won’t be forcing anyone back into things before they are ready. Our teachers are also free to add any additional measures they want.

We also offer full flexibility on bookings to give you peace of mind when planning ahead.

>> Changes from 19th July 2021

>> Safety in classes

>> Safety in shows

>> Booking flexibility

>> Improv at 1m+ is still fun!

>> Guidelines for our teachers

>> Guidelines for our performers

>> Guidelines for our front of house

>> Hoopla’s full risk assessment

>> Government guidelines for performing arts


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