Covid-19 Safety and Flexibility

We vary our safety measures depending on the wider covid situation. We are keeping a close eye on the news and will be updating this page regularly with new information.

If restrictions or lockdowns do come back your booking will be safe and will be moved to start a bit later in the year once restrictions have eased, and you also will have the option to move to any other date at no extra charge. While waiting for a real-life booking to start you will also receive free online workshops. We did this for previous lockdowns and it worked really well. There are more details about this process on our booking flexibility page.

We have various safety measures in place, please see links below for details, and we have more we can bring back if needed.

Please test regularly if you can. If you have symptoms or test positive please do not come in to classes or shows for the recommended amount of time.

As always we will be very flexible to the wider situation so we can roll back various safety measures if needed, and we also won’t be forcing anyone back into things before they are ready. Our teachers are also free to add any additional measures they want.

We also offer full flexibility on bookings to give you peace of mind when planning ahead.

Many thanks to you all for your support and patience over the last years. Improvisers, teachers, students, venues, performers and our support team have all adapted to so many different things so thank you and we’re happy to say the improv flag is still flying high at Hoopla!

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