• Hoopla aim to make impro open and accessible to all

about Hoopla

The UK’s 1st improv theatre, established for over 12 years.

Hoopla are an improv comedy (also known as improvised comedy, impro and improvisation) company based in London, UK. Hoopla were founded in 2006 by Steve Roe and Edgar Fernando.

Hoopla run a selection of improv classes and courses across London and also an improv comedy club in London Bridge featuring a selection of groups from across the UK improv scene. Hoopla are the founders of the UK’s first ever improvised comedy club. Hoopla also do improv based corporate training.

Hoopla aim to make improv fun and accessible for everyone from all backgrounds. We’re especially focused on teaching beginners improv and we love introducing people to improv for the first time in a fun, friendly and safe way.

Hoopla also encourage and support a growing improv community with shows, courses, networking events, socials and more.

improv for everyone

Our courses are open to all. Our improv courses are suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced improvisers.

We’ve worked with total beginners, experienced improvisers, drama school students, stand-ups and professional actors.

We get people from all backgrounds as it’s a great place to relax after work and do all the fun bits of drama and impro without the commitment of regular rehearsals or learning lines.

Our courses are a great introduction to the world of impro, comedy and drama.

You don’t need any drama, acting, comedy or impro experience whatsoever. You don’t have to be clever, fast or funny.

We offer half-price or free places on courses to students, unemployed or people on lower incomes. We also work with a number of charities to help make improv available to everyone.

history of Hoopla

Hoopla was founded in January 2006 by Steve Roe and Edgar Fernando, two old school friends who have known each other since they were 4 years old. Hoopla was originally based in Balham SW London, near to where Steve and Edgar grew up.

Originally it was just them and some school friends from their old GCSE drama group running a free workshop once a week, to have fun after work and keep the joy of drama and play in adult life. But it rapidly grew to friends of friends and then friends of friends of friends, and with word of mouth Hoopla soon became the UK’s biggest improv company.

Hoopla now teach 1000s of improv students a year in various venues around London and run shows five nights a week featuring improv groups from across the world.

In 2010 Hoopla’s shows moved to The Miller in London Bridge and with the help of the amazing staff there and a large community of improvisers the venue was converted to the UK’s first ever improv theatre.

Hoopla are honoured to have been involved in the huge rise of improv in the UK over the last decade and to be part of such a great improv community.