• Level 4: Long-Form

level 4: long-form improv course

Oh my gosh, this is where things get really exciting!!! You’ve done our scenes course, or a similar amount somewhere else, now it’s time for LONG-FORM baby!!!

what is long-form?

Long-form is awesome! Short-form and scenes are where you learnt how the improv car works and how to drive it. Long-form is where you now take that car on a joy ride!

It’s where the group unleashes their collective imagination on stage, traveling through time and space and connecting scenes together to make one amazing multi-scene show with awesome reoccurring characters, themes and patterns inspired by just one suggestion!

You want to take that cowboy from the western saloon bar and see how they behave in a posh restaurant? Do it! You want to see how the rebellious teenager behaves when they are 95? Go there! Someone mentions they are a fan of vegetables and you want to see them at a broccoli rock concert? Make it happen!

Long-form is one big communal acid trip, but without the drugs or risk of prosecution. Leave your work brain at home and come and play.

what's Hoopla's long-form style?

Freedom! Passion! Emotion! Play! If you like strict structures and rules about how to do long-form, we’re not the company for you. We hope to enable you and the team to find the FUN together by focusing on the relationship in scenes and then exploring emotional patterns and themes across the show. We experiment and find new things together, to help us create the future of long-form improv in the UK. It’s one big spontaneous joy ride!

next available dates

Next Available Dates in Liverpool Street:

Every Tuesday for 8 weeks from Tuesday 4th June 2019 with Katy Schutte, plus performance on Thursday 1st August 2019. BOOK NOW

Every Wednesday for 8 weeks from Wednesday 5th June 2019 with Katy Schutte, plus performance on Thursday 1st August 2019. BOOK NOW

Every Wednesday for 8 weeks from Wednesday 16th January 2019 with James Witt, plus performance on Sunday 10th March 2019. FULLY BOOKED.

  • 7pm – 9:30pm
  • Liverpool Street.
  • £200
  • As above
£200. Either payable all at once or with an initial payment of £100 followed by the remaining £100 once the course starts.
Next Available Dates in King’s Cross:

Every Thursday for 8 weeks from Thursday 24th January 2019 with James Witt, plus performance on Thursday 21st March 2019. FULLY BOOKED.

  • 7pm – 9:30pm
  • King’s Cross.
  • £200
  • As above
£200. Either payable all at once or with an initial payment of £100 followed by the remaining £100 once the course starts.
Next Available Dates in London Bridge:

Every Thursday for 8 weeks from Thursday 20th September 2018 with Liam Brennan. Performance on Sunday 11th November 2018. FULLY BOOKED.

  • 7pm – 9:30pm
  • London Bridge.
  • £200
  • As above
£200. Either payable all at once or with an initial payment of £100 followed by the remaining £100 once the course starts.

the most experienced long-form teachers in the UK

Katy Schutte was one of the first people to bring long-form to the UK and has been teaching it full time for over 15 years! Back when the rest of us at Hoopla were improv babies Katy was traveling to Second City and iO in Chicago to learn and bring long-form to the UK for the first time.

It blew our tiny brains and basically inspired us to set up an entire company. Hoopla’s teachers Chris Mead, Maria Peters and more were then inspired to also travel the globe to soak up as much long-form as possible and inspire the UK community.

We’re excited about it and want to encourage the continued experimentation and growth of long-form in the UK.

the future of long-form

This is what we want to inspire. Long-form came from the minds of hippies in the 60s and was wrapped up with beat poets, experimental theatre and rock bands. Long-form formats were never meant to be set in stone, and that’s what we believe too. We’re not going to teach you something to obey and limit you. We want to inspire you to have a life long interest in long-form and be brave and experiment and create your own shows.

ongoing performance opportunities and follow up courses

We have loads of ongoing performance opportunities that would be suitable for you after the course including house teams, help setting up your own group, nights to try out new ideas, jams twice a week and a full-time producer employed by us to help support you ongoing.

There’s also loads of exciting courses in our advanced improv section that would be the perfect level for you after the course. This is where we expand your improv horizons and inspire you with the full range of improv formats out there.

who runs the course

James Witt, improv teacher

James Witt

James performs in The Dreamweaver Quartet, one of Hoopla’s most popular shows. He has also performed in Music Box the improvised musical, improvised satire Newsical, NewsRevue and hit Edinburgh show Brexit the Musical. He is also currently co-producing Hoopla’s new online sketch show, due for release in early 2019. James trained in Musical Theatre at Guildford School of Acting and Drama.

Amy Cooke-Hodgson

Amy Cooke-Hodgson

Amy performs in Austentatious, one of the UK’s most successful ever improv shows with sold out performances on the West End, Edinburgh Fringe and national tour. She also performs in and directs Bumper Blyton, with sold out shows on The Edinburgh Fringe. She has also performed with the Olivier award winning Showstoppers The Improvised Musical, Abandoman, The Oxford Imps and more.

Nick Oram

Nick Oram

Nick performs in long-form group Do Not Adjust Your Stage, one of the most popular shows at Hoopla. He has trained under a range of improvisers including perfomers from the IO, Second City and UCB. In 2015, Nick appeared in BBC Three’s Murder in Successville. He won the BAFTA Rocliffe Comedy Writing Competition in 2017 with his script Last One Left. He is also directing a new long-form house team with Hoopla.

Katy Schutte, improv teacher

Katy Schutte

Katy performs in award winning improv troupe The Maydays, sci-fi troupe Project2, and produces Geekeasy the comedy night for nerds. She has trained at iO Chicago, The Annoyance, UCB and Second City Chicago. She has toured with Fluxx and Baby Wants Candy, performed multiple solo shows at The Edinburgh Fringe and appeared in The London and Liverpool Improvathons. She is the author of improv book The Improviser’s Way.

what's included

We’ll be covering various long-form show formats over the course and adapt to suit the group. Please note this course focuses on free-flowing formats rather than linear narrative formats, we also do a different narrative course which is more about ongoing linear stories.


Core Improv Skills

  • Teamwork and support
  • Group mind
  • Listening
  • Yes And
  • Being obvious
  • Commitment
  • Spontaneity


Advanced Scene Work / Level 3 Recap

  • Establishing scenes
  • Object and environment work
  • Patterns and themes in scenes
  • Exploring and heightening emotions
  • Raising the FUN in scenes
  • Ending scenes


Character and Relationships / Level 3 Recap

  • Truth and honesty in characters
  • Finding characters through emotional and physical choices
  • Connecting emotionally and speaking from the heart


Long-Form Openings

  • Introduction to long-form openings
  • Monologues to inspire scenes



  • Sweep edits
  • Swarm edits
  • Cut-to’s

Connecting Scenes

  • Time jumps
  • Narrative connections
  • Thematic connections
  • Game connections
  • Character connections
  • Discovering themes, patterns and story as you go



  • Tagging to explore other sides of a character
  • Tag-runs


Variety of great show formats

  • Life & Times
  • La Ronde
  • Montage
  • Armando
  • Commando
  • Living Room


In later courses (level 5):

  • Exploring the full diverse range of professional improv show formats including Narrative Long-Form, Improvised Theatre, Improvised Musicals, Harolds, The Deconstruction, Commedia dell’Arte and more!
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