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Next available dates:


Every Tuesday for 8 weeks from Tuesday 11th September 2018 with Maria Peters. Performance on Monday 5th November 2018. >> BOOK NOW

Every Wednesday for 8 weeks from Wednesday 12th September 2018 with Katy Schutte. Performance on Sunday 4th November 2018. >> BOOK NOW

Every Thursday for 8 weeks from Thu 17th May 2018 with Jinni Lyons. Performance on Saturday 7th July 2018.


Every Tuesday for 8 weeks from Tuesday 15th May 2018 with Maria Peters. Performance on Wednesday 4th July 2018. FULLY BOOKED.

Time: 7pm - 9:30pm.

Price: £200. Either payable all at once or with an initial payment of £100 followed by the remaining £100 once the course starts.

Workshop Location: Theatre Delicatessen Studios, 1st Floor, 2 Finsbury Avenue (off Whitecross Place), London, EC2M 2PP.

Tube: Liverpool Street, Moorgate or Bank.

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Long-Form Improv Course

An 8 week  course to learn the fundamentals of long-form improv, and how to improvise a free-flowing multiple scene long-form show, with a showcase performance at the end.

We will be looking at how to edit and connect scenes together, how to perform longer scenes with greater depth, how start and finish scenes, how to generate deeper richer characters and how to create set & props through physicality & dialogue.

Long-form is a fluid & theatrical style of improvisation where you can explore worlds and character's lives. This style allows improvisers the freedom to discover games, explore themes and stories. Learn to support one another as a team, to work with a group mind and create longer shows from nothing.

This course gives you all the skills needed to go on to our advanced improv courses which include a huge range of exciting formats and styles. This course is your gateway to the amazing world of long-form improv and also to our huge variety of performing opportunities!

You will need previous improv experience to do this course. If you haven’t done much improv before it’s best to start with our beginners course and performance improv course.


- Core improv skills.

- Scenes.

- Relationships.

- Emotions in scenes.

- Discovering themes and story as you go.

- Support.

- Group mind.

- Long-form skills.

- Edits.

- Tag-outs.

- Characters.

- Object work.

- Environment.

- Monologues.

- Openings.

- Starting, escalating and ending scenes.

- Connecting scenes.

- Patterns and themes.

We’ll be covering various long-form show formats over the course and adapt to suit the group.

This course focus on free-flowing formats rather than linear narrative formats. We do a narrative course which is more about ongoing linear stories.


Q: Who is this suitable for?

A: People who’ve done some improv or acting before and want to learn about improvising long-form scenes. If you haven’t done any improv or acting before it’s best to start with our Beginners Improv Course first and our Performance Improv Course first.

Q: What comes after this course?

A: We do a variety of advanced improv courses which are suitable for after this course.

Q: What’s the difference between this course and the narrative course?

A: This course is all about free-form free-flowing long form. The focus of this course is not necessarily on linear story, it’s more on themes, patterns, relationships and finding the form of the show as you go. The narrative long-form course is instead more about linear story telling, using cause & effect, to tell one ongoing story/play. It is possible to do both courses as they do help each other.

Q: Where is the show?

A: The show takes place at our improv comedy club, at The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge, SE1 3SS.

Q: Will you be doing it again?

A: Yes, please see dates above for confirmed dates and we’ll also announce future dates on our twitter, facebook and email list.

Q: What if I can’t make every week?

A: As we’re forming a team over the course to do performances at the end it’s best not to miss more than one session over the course. If you think you’ll miss more than one sessions over the course please wait until another time to do the course. You won’t be able to do the show if you miss more than two sessions.

Q: What if I’m running late?

A: You’ll get the most from the course if you’re there each week at 7pm, and this enables us to form a team over the course. If you’re likely to be late each week please don’t book the course.

Q: What is the class size?

A: 14 people maximum.

Q: Do I have to perform in the show at the end?

A: No. The show is optional, and you’ll still get loads out of the course without doing the shows.

Q: Can I pay by instalments?

A: Yes. You can book and pay the £95 first instalment (non-refundable) and pay the remaining £100 once the course starts.

Next Available Dates

Every Tuesday for 8 weeks from Tuesday 11th September 2018 with Maria Peters. Performance on Sunday 4th November 2018. >> BOOK NOW

Every Wednesday for 8 weeks from Wednesday 12th September 2018 with Katy Schutte. Performance on Sunday 4th November 2018. >> BOOK NOW

“A quick paced, inventive and witty show.The Edinburgh Guide

“Chemistry between cast meant it was like funniest night amongst friends.” Camden New Journal

“A Comedy Masterclass.” The Post

“Lively, sharp, superior improvised fun!” Remote Goat

“Left me helpless with laughter”

Fringe Guru

“If improvisation floats your boat you should head to Hoopla. There’s fewer better ways to see what spur-of-the-moment comedy London has to offer.”

The Londonist

“Everywhere you look, huge grins suggest an enthusiasm-and an attentiveness-that is rarely seen in the classroom.”

The Daily Telegraph

“You really rocked it as ever, and I have heard nothing but good from the participants. Once again, thanks again for a splendid series of workshops.” Gareth Mitchell, Lecturer, Science Communication, Imperial College.

“Inspiring, hilarious and richly rewarding. The workshop brightened up everyone's morning. The whole experience was a true pleasure and hugely helpful.”

James Honda-Pinder, Apple

The supportive atmosphere ensures that even complete beginners will have the confidence to grow their skills.”

Time Out

“This introduction to improvisation will teach the skills you'll need to master scenes, stories and sketches in a relaxed environment.

“The workshop is supportive and collaborative and neatly strips out the expectation and nerves that result from comedic preparation.”

The Evening Standard

“Thanks for the workshop. All the feedback has been extremely positive! The team loved it!”

PR Manager, Comedy Central

“Most fun EVER at @hooplaimpro showcase tonight! On the bus home 6 hours later drunk on congratulatory drinks from other people! #Nocalories”

Helen, @treehouse1984

"Just wanted to say how much I loved this course, it really got me passionate about improv again, trying out a completely new style. I really loved it and my friends said that the show was amazing!"

Chloe Wittet

“Great improv workshop with @hooplaimpro couldn't stop smiling from beginning until end!”


“Thank you for an awesome session this eve. Haven't laughed this much on a Monday eve for years :-)” @SarasmithsVO

“Have I mentioned that I’m Learning Improv with @hooplaimpro and it is the best thing ever? Because I am and it is.” @Flyingnelly

“My imagination has been given a serious workout this weekend with the @hooplaimpro course.”


Reviews & Testimonials

If it was possible to get a PHD in Improv, Maria would have it. She has studied The Harold with Charna Halpern, the founder of iO and author of Truth in Comedy, who originally developed The Harold with Del Close.

She has also learned from the Godfather of British Improvisational theatre, Keith Johnstone. As well as instructors from world-renowned improv schools such as Chicago's Second City, iO and New York's Upright Citizens Brigade.

Maria is also a professional educator which means that having spent over 15 years in learning & development, she knows how to impart knowledge in interactive & engaging ways.

Maria believes in putting her students’ needs first and always creates a friendly, relaxed environment where the goal in every class is to learn new things while having ALL OF THE FUN.

Maria Peters

Maria Peters is an improv veteran, performing & studying improv for nearly 10 years.

She currently performs in Breaking & Entering, improvised long-form with Lauren Shearing, and also produces The Playground, one of Hoopla’s most popular nights.

Katy Schutte


Katy trained at Second City and iO Chicago as well as with teachers from Annoyance, UCB and more.

She is a Funny Women finalist and winner of the Brighton Festival Fringe Best Comedy Show award.

Katy has performed with the Maydays for 11 years. In 2014 Katy created Oh Boy! The Quantum Leap Show, which returned to Edinburgh in 2015.

She performs in sci-fi improv group Project2, and produces and performs in Geekeasy the comedy night for nerds.

She also performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with their Ghostbusters themed musical "Who Ya Gonna Call?" which received rave reviews. She also made her first solo theatre show I Have an Idea for a Film at the Edinburgh Fringe.

She is half of the two woman long form show Katy and Rach, and plays in the Destination podcast and live shows.

She coaches long form teams and leads workshops in England, Europe and the States. Katy was one of the first people to teach the rest of the Hoopla team, and inspired us to create various shows.

She has toured with Fluxx, improvised musicals with Music Box and Baby Wants Candy and notably guested in the London and Liverpool Improvathons, Grand Theft Impro and Messing with a Friend.

Katy is also a sketch comedian, actress and theatre-maker.

Katy is currently working on Knightmare Live and being a nerd consultant for a new Gonzo Moose show.