• casting calls

casting calls

We recently finished a round of casting but will be doing another round soon.

when shows start

We are starting a new show each season, with a set run of rehearsals and performances, with a Director from the Hoopla teaching team.

There will be a different show and cast each season to help bring exciting new improv to the London stage and to increase the number of performing opportunities at Hoopla.

We are currently casting for new shows for the Spring 2023 season.

The application deadline is 31st January 2023.

who we are looking for

People who have recently completed or are currently doing Hoopla’s level 3 scenes and level 4 long-form courses or above. Remember if price is a barrier to you doing courses and building up experience we do offer lots of scholarships for our classes.

We are especially looking for playful improvisers who can perform as part of a team, play a wide range of characters and relationships, and support Hoopla nights in general.

audition dates and details

If your email application is successful the main audition dates will be Monday 6th February and Tuesday 7th February 2023.

If you can’t make audition dates please apply anyway as we may be able to include you in the next audition round instead.

rehearsal dates

Around every other Saturday afternoon ongoing in London Bridge starting from early March until mid July 2023.

The commitment required is to attend at 75% of rehearsals for the run.

Rehearsal attendance is required in order to perform in the shows. You won’t be cast in shows if you aren’t at rehearsals, so it is not worth applying if you are unlikely to be able to make the commitment. This helps us to form a team and make great shows for the audience.

show dates

Every other Saturday, early evening the same day of rehearsals, as part of our pre-party programme. From early March until mid July 2023.

show styles

Hoopla supports all styles of improv so the team will be rehearsing and performing a variety of improv styles including short-form, scenes, long-form and story. We will also be devising and performing new formats as we go. A bit like an improv rep theatre.

Things we do at rehearsal will be performed on stage the same day at our pre-party show, and once ready some of the formats may also be performed at our main shows.

The show will be directed by Steve Roe from Hoopla with additional help from other Hoopla teachers and performers.

money things

Hoopla will cover rehearsal room hire, teacher costs and marketing costs for the official run of the show. There should be no cost to the performers.

As the show is performing at our free pre-party nights the show is unpaid.

If a show runs independently after the official run and becomes one of our regular weekend main stage shows it will switch to being on a profit share of ticket sales as per our other main stage shows.

after July 2023

The shows and rehearsals will officially end by August 2023.

This is so we have space to put on new shows and give other people performing opportunities over the year.

People will be welcome to reapply for our new shows, and the group will also be welcome to form an ongoing independent team to apply for other show spots at Hoopla.

how to apply

We recently finished a round of casting but will be doing another round soon.

If you’d like to apply please email [email protected] with all of the following by 31st January 2023:

– Your name.
– Your email address.
– Your telephone number.
– Paragraph about your current improv/acting training and performing experience.
– Acting/Improv CV detailing training and performing experience, OR Spotlight or Mandy link.

Please also let us know if you would like us to keep your CV/Spotlight/Mandy link on file for other castings, as we are often contacted by TV and commercial castings looking for improvisers.

Application Deadline: 31st January 2023.

how we choose people from auditions

The director of the show runs the auditions. We also have at least two other people in the room to take notes, input into the selection process and to ensure all decisions are fair and unbiased.

Auditions involve a whole group warm up, some pair game warm ups, and then lots of 2-3 people scenes from suggestion.

How well the cast know the director doesn’t come into selection as there are also independent people there who are responsible for making sure the audition is fair and based on what’s happened in the actual audition.

We also make sure we have a balanced diversity of genders and ethnic background across our shows, which we manage by having multiple places we advertise casting, by advertising to other communities, and also by involving more than one person in the final decisions on casting.

If people want notes regards the audition they are welcome to request this afterwards, we can do this on email using notes made during auditions, but the notes we can give are limited in scope due to the number of people applying.

>> Additional audition tips

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