Impro Jams

The Online Mega-Jam and Sunday Social!

Nothing stops the Mega-Jam!

We miss the joyful sociable chaos of our mega-jams so they are back running online, and they now have an added after-the-improv social thrown in too!

Places are going to be limited to 20 people (our online drop-ins are limited to 12 people) so that it feels more like a show but you still get lots of stage time.

We start with a few warm ups in break-out rooms to form the team, and then there are going to be LOADS of games, scenes and some great new show formats designed for online. Then once the improv is over it’s time to bust out the home brew, take turns being DJ and finish the weekend with a Sunday social.

Sign up on your selected date below and we will send you the zoom link about an hour before it starts. You’ll need a laptop with camera to take part (laptops work better than ipad or phone). Please only book a date if you can make it, we will be unable to transfer dates or do refunds.

Dates: Various Sundays, see below for details and booking.

Times: 8pm – 10pm (UK time).

Venue: Online using Zoom.

Host: Steve Roe.

Price: Donation (to help us keep running and support our venue).

Sunday 10th January 2020, 8pm: BOOK NOW

Sunday 31st January 2020, 8pm: BOOK NOW

Sunday 21st February 2020, 8pm: BOOK NOW

Sunday 14th March 2020, 8pm: BOOK NOW

Sunday 21st March 2020, 8pm: BOOK NOW

Real-Life Jams (currently on hold)

Hoopla Jams are a cross between a workshop and a show and are open to anyone to turn up and come and perform improv on the night. You just arrive a bit before it starts, chat to the host, and sign up. Over the jam people are then selected at random and put into a variety of games and scenes. Everyone who signs up gets on stage at some point. You are also welcome to come and watch.

You just have to get there at sign up time to get warmed up and meet the team, and then can perform in a variety of games and scenes with other improvisers. This is a great place to build up performing experience and meet other people from Hoopla courses. There’s a host there to help run the evening and you can stay afterwards for free to watch the later shows and meet other improvisers.

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