Impro Jams

Hoopla Jams

Hoopla Jams are FREE shows open to anyone to turn up and come and perform improv on the night. You just arrive a bit before it starts, chat to the host, and sign up. Over the jam people are then selected at random and put into a variety of games and scenes. Everyone who signs up gets on stage at some point. You are also welcome to come and watch.

You just have to get there before 7pm and then can perform in a variety of games and scenes with other improvisers. This is a great place to build up performing experience and meet other people from Hoopla courses. There’s a host there to help run the evening and you can stay afterwards for free to watch the later shows and meet other improvisers.


Every Wednesday: Mini-Jam

7pm at Hoopla at The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge, SE1 3SS. FREE.

Tube: London Bridge.

Includes free entry to the 8pm show too, so you get to turn up and play in a jam and then also stay and watch some awesome shows and hang out at the bar afterwards.


Every Sunday (starting 28th April): Mega-Jam

7pm at The Comedy Pub, 7 Oxendon St, London SW1Y 4EE. FREE.

Tube: Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square.

A longer jam, without guest groups, to maximise stage time. With an opportunity to perform in a short-form games sections, a scenes section or a long-form section each week, followed by a social in the pub afterwards to end the weekend in a good mood!


How to get involved

  1. Check the dates at our Improv Comedy Club page.
  2. Turn up about 10 minutes before the show starts.
  3. Chat to the host and sign up.
  4. That’s it!

No pre-booking needed, just turn up and get on stage and get improvising! Hoopla is open to everyone!





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