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Improv Resources and Community

This section is full of lots of helpful things for improvisers including our improv podcast, improv videos, improv exercises, our improv blog, improv books, details on where to perform improv, improv coaches, lists of rehearsal spaces and casting calls.

If you think there should be something else here that would be helpful to improvisers please email us and we will put it on.


What is improv? Definitions, examples and history of improv.


List of books about improv, theatre, comedy, creativity and more.


List of podcasts about improv or featuring improv in some way.


Various improv exercises, games and formats. Free to use.


What various improv words mean, to try and keep things simple.


Videos of improv and improv inspired comedy.


Announcements of shows looking for improvisers and actors.


Experienced coaches available to direct improv troupes.


List of improv friendly rehearsal rooms in London.


List of improv festivals and improv friendly festivals worldwide.


Improv tips, workshop notes, improv news and other stuff.

A selection of resources designed to help people on our improv courses and other people new to improv.

Suggestions on where to perform improv in London and around the UK, plus other helpful resources for improvisers forming a new group.

networking events

Events to help connect improvisers and groups together.

Front of house volunteers

Were looking for Front of House, Tech & Hosting volunteers.


Parties, balls, picnics, theatre trips, fun times.

Code Of conduct & Diversity Policies

Hoopla aim to make impro open and accessible for all. This section contains details of our Code of Conduct Policies, Diversity Policies, Teaching Guides and details of our Charity Work.

Things for students that help to keep improv a safe and fun space for all.

Things for performers that help to keep improv a safe and fun space for all.

Code of ConductFor Performers at our shows

Things for teachers that help to keep improv a safe and fun space for all.

Code of ConductFor our teachers

Guide on how to deal with difficult scenes in a supportive way.

Teaching guideHow to deal with difficult scenesDiversity &  Accessibility policy

Things to help make improv open and accessible to everyone.

Charity Work

Various charity events, shows and fundraisers.

Where toPerform improv

List of places to perform improv in London and around UK.


Our free show of new improv, groups pre-book to get space.

how toForm a group

All the different ways people form an improv group.

Performing athoopla

Were opening the doors to more groups than ever.


The Dead Poets Society of Improv.


Free shows where you can turn up and perform on the night.


A monthly tournament of improv hosted by C3Something.


End of course showcases. Free to come and support new improvisers.

Working atHoopla

Jobs at Hoopla.