• Storytelling for Business

The most successful leaders are storytellers. Use stories to have more influence and inspire more people to action.

Storytelling is a natural human talent. Stories are wired into our human brains, a natural capacity that we use to inspire, teach, or amuse each other. But imagine if we could take that raw ability and polish it into something magnificent? That’s what we teach you to do in this workshop.

Hoopla help you craft stories for personal impact, so you can use the proven power of story to move your audience to action.

What’s the difference between a story you might tell down the pub and a story you might tell at work?

A story you tell at work is aimed at bringing about a certain result: you are aiming to move your audience to action. Whether that be a suit aiming to sell a piece of creative work, or someone in HR persuading an employee to sign-up to a pension scheme.

When you want to simplify change, make a strategy stick or get buy in on an idea. Narrative is the most potent tool in your box.

And after this fun and experiential session you’ll have things you can take away with you and use immediately. Fascinating theory, brilliant examples, and practical takeaways. This is the most user-friendly guide to developing your skills as a business storyteller.

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What You’ll Learn in our Storytelling for Business Training

Relate to others emotionally:

Connect not just with the head, but with the heart and the gut using the power of storytelling.

The theory of how stories work:

All great stories have a similar shape and this shape is what we teach.

The link between data and story:

Stories are just facts with a soul.

How to spot a story:

It isn’t what you think it is.

How to use story to evidence your ideas:

Stories are wonderful tools to build credibility and demonstrate value. We’ll show you how.

Bringing an audience into your story:

To make it super relevant to them and make them part of telling the story.

Customer success stories:

How to turn your dry case studies into engaging anecdotes you can actually share with prospects in conversation.

Connection stories:

Using story to build rapport and trust, fast.

Our storytelling for business training takes you:

Using your Powerpoint slides as a crutch.Using them as a visual aide for your narrative.
‘Who cares?’‘Let’s do it!’
‘But what does that mean in practice?’‘I get it now!’

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