• Presentation Skills

Imagine facing an audience with the confidence that you can handle whatever they throw at you.

Presentations skills and public speaking are listed as people’s number one fear. Even more scary than death. Which is why we think it’s crucial to establish a warm and positive training environment for our students to practice presenting and public speaking. And that’s what you get: road-tested insights, delivered with personality and energy, in a warm, relaxed environment that makes people actually want to get up in front of an audience. No really, you can enjoy presenting!

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What You’ll Learn in our Presentation Skills Training

Charisma fast:

Speak with confidence and warmth by learning our 5 steps to irresistible charisma.

Pillars of structure:

How to brainstorm content for your presentation and then structure it in the most powerful way possible to influence your audience.

Storytelling magic:

Use the power of story to inspire and persuade your audience.

The Improv edge:

Learn to use the skills of improvisation to speak off-the-cuff and handle any audience.

Fear busting:

Using techniques from our associate performance-psychologist, we’ll help you overcome your public speaking fear forever.

Problems we can solve

All our presentation skills workshops are based around the principal that you only get better at presenting by doing it. So, you’ll get lots and lots of opportunities to practice. Along the way you’ll learn practical, easy to use techniques that allow you to:

  • Effectively manage your nerves.
  • Speak without notes.
  • Ditch the deck to connect with an audience.
  • Discover your own authentic speaking style and voice.
  • Start presentations with a bang. And end with an emotional crescendo.
  • Take the audience from your Point A to your Point B without losing them along the way.
  • Speak concisely without waffle.
  • Use stories, analogies and data to evidence your points in an engaging way.
  • Hook an audience’s attention, hold it, and reward it with a well-formed insight.

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