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Can improv techniques make your business more innovative? We say, ‘yes, and…’

These days we all need to be innovative. And we have to do it quicker than ever before. But so often our processes and our behaviours stop us being either innovative or fast.

In our improv for business innovation consulting we teach exercises and concepts from the world of improvised comedy and use them as a framework to make teams and individuals more innovative.

  • Are you making the most of the creative potential of your team?
  • Is everyone pulling their weight, sharing ideas, and collaborating positively with each other?
  • Are there silos within departments and between departments?
  • Do you have a defined process for brainstorms and creative meetings?
  • Does your organisation have a positive attitude to risk and failure?

We can solve these challenges for you in our improv for business innovation consultancy workshops. Where, in short, we teach you how to generate lots of brilliant ideas, quickly.

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What you’ll learn in our innovation consulting workshops


How to structure, facilitate and take part in effective brainstorming sessions. Clients demand creativity, fast. In this interactive and fun workshop, you’ll learn how the skills and mindsets of improvisation can help you tackle any brief with a spirit of play. this is about practical hacks that teams can use to go from blank page to idea in rapid time. And how managers can help facilitate that process. Our innovation consulting clients including Google, Facebook and ASOS have used these techniques to solve problems with originality and agility. Find out how.


Collaboration is all about listening amazingly well to each other, investing in and building on the ideas of others, and allowing ideas to flow from the bottom up.  We’ll teach you these skills. Including how to get the best out of everyone around the table: both introverts and extroverts. How to harvest the creative potential of diversity with inclusive behaviours. Plus, we’ll look at the relevance of status to meetings, aimed at getting junior staff to speak up.

Lose a fear of failure:

Build team dynamics that make failure a valuable part of the creative process. Be open to feedback so you can pivot, pivot, pivot your way to success. We believe it’s easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking, than to think yourself into a new way of acting. Our workshops pull you out of your comfort zone so you return with a more fearless mindset.


Practical innovation consulting techniques that will allow you and your team to be more creative than ever before by thinking laterally. Plus: quick creative jolts to blast through any creative block and think more laterally. Including essential insights into the science of creativity, so you understand common obstacles to creative thinking.


How to give and receive feedback in the right way so criticism can be part of the creative process. Along the way we’ll touch on lean start-up methodology and build-measure-learn that uses real time audience feedback to inspire innovation.

Psychological safety:

Build a climate of psychological safety to bring the best out of everyone, establish a growth mindset, and inspire people to speak up with their own ideas.

Who is it for?

  • Businesses that want to establish a culture where failure is destigmatized and risks are encouraged.
  • Teams that want to learn how to react to external and internal client briefs faster and more creatively.
  • Managers who have to show creative leadership and take responsibility for brainstorming.
  • Businesses and teams who want improv for business break outs or interactive keynotes at their next conference or away day.

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