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Get more creative juice.

There are more demands on our creativity than ever before. In a world that feels like it’s constantly on fast forward, new problems and opportunities come at us at alarming speed. Meanwhile, off-the-shelf is dead: our clients want everything customised to them – and to have it yesterday. Not to mention the fact that finding ideas that cut through the noise gets harder and harder with each passing week.

Yet creativity can feel difficult in the modern workplace. Constantly finding new ideas can feel stressful and exhausting. Remote working can often be uninspiring. Brainstorms can get tired. And corporate cultures can unintentionally shut down original thinking. It’s easy to feel burnt out and stuck in a rut. What can be done?

A Hoopla creativity workshop can help you team rediscover their creative juice. We use improv exercises and techniques to help your people re-connect to the most playful, spontaneous version of themselves. We help you establish the sort of collaborative culture in which new ideas are born. Plus, we’ll share new tools that can re-energize your people’s creative approach.

Creativity and Innovation training questions:

  • Are you making the most of the creative potential of the diversity in your team?
  • Is everyone pulling their weight, speaking up, and collaborating positively with each other?
  • Do ideas always come from the usual suspects in your team?
  • Does your team have a positive attitude to risk and failure?
  • Do you want your team to make bolder choices and challenge the status quo?

Creativity isn’t something you have or don’t have. Creativity is a process you can learn. We teach that process.

What You’ll Learn in our Creativity and Innovation Training

Build a ‘Yes, And’ Mindset:

‘No’ stifles creativity. ‘No’ limits possibility and waives goodbye to innovation. Teams that embrace ‘Yes, And’ are more inventive, move quicker, and are happier places to work.

Defeat Your Inner Critic:

Learn to embrace failure as part of the creative process.

Boost your Brainstorms:

new tools to come up with an abundance of new ideas, quickly – and to tackle any brief.

Psychological Safety:

creating an inclusive environment where an open-minded team gives every idea its day – whoever it comes from.

Bring Your Own Brief:

work with a real business challenge so you leave with valuable ideas.

"Accenture engaged Hoopla to host an energising training day. Participants were taught to improve their listening skills, build upon the ideas of their colleagues, and how to generate a huge number of creative ideas in a short time. Hoopla led the sessions to universal acclaim, with many participants listing it as the highlight of their day. Very very funny, with valuable lessons to take back to the office. Hoopla were extremely helpful and responsive as we arranged the event, and a pleasure to work with. We'll definitely be using Hoopla again!"

Jack Westerman, Senior Manager - ACCENTURE

"A smash hit. The feedback has been really amazing. Like nothing else on the market,"

Nat Broome, Global HR Director - AMV BBDO

"Hoopla showed us how mindsets and skills from improvised theatre can make us more creative. The team absolutely loved it,"

Heather Jorajuria, Global Head of Product Development - ROCHE

"Really brilliant. Everyone had so much fun, and importantly I saw in creative meetings the very next day how impact you had. I’ve never seen them have so many ideas!"

Blaise Lewis, Director - PROCTOR AND GAMBLE

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