• Improv for Sales

Leave your script behind. And make them feel heard.

Daniel Pink writes about improvisation in his bestselling book “To Sell is Human”. He says:

Once we begin to listen in this new, more intimate way, we begin hearing things we might have missed. And if we listen in this way in our efforts to move others, we quickly realise that what may outwardly seem like objections are actually offers in disguise.

This is what this workshop is about.

In the improv model of sales, the sales process is dynamic and evolving in real time. The salesperson must be active and present. The script will appear in the context of the conversation. And that conversation has never happened before and will never happen again. We will teach you the key improvisation skills that allow you to stay in the moment with a prospect and adapt to whatever they throw at you.

Use improv skills to:

  • Land messages in the prospect’s language and match their priorities or fears.
  • Use their mental model of the world to justify your product or service.
  • Use the power of storytelling to establish rapport, communicate customer success stories, and show your product in action.
  • Connect authentically as a human being and enjoy the process!

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What You’ll Learn

Build active listening skills:

Being fully present & engaged with your prospects.

Embrace objections as an opportunity:

Learn to treat objections as gifts and not show stopping disasters.

Effective use of questions:

Seek information from a prospect and then justify your product in light of this, using the improv skill of reincorporation.

Be confident talking off-the-cuff:

Speak with confidence and warmth.

Quickly find commonalities:

Build rapport with a prospect effectively and fast.

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