• Learn the craft of creating and telling stories for personal impact.

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The ability to tell a great story is a powerful skill applicable in so many areas of life and business.

To an extent, storytelling is intuitive. Stories seem to be wired into our human brains, a natural capacity that we use to inspire, teach, or amuse each other. But imagine if we could take that raw ability and polish it into something magnificent? That’s what we teach you to do in this workshop.

You’ll learn the craft of creating and telling stories for personal impact: how to use the power of story to move your audience to action.

Question: What’s the difference between a story you might tell down the pub and a story you might tell at work? The answer is that a story you tell at work is aimed at bring about a certain result: you are aiming to move your audience to action. Whether that be a suit aiming to sell a piece of creative work, or someone in HR persuading an employee to sign-up to a pension scheme.

And after this fun and experiential session you’ll have things you can take away with you and use immediately. Fascinating theory, brilliant examples, and practical takeaways.


  • What elements good stories contain.
  • The theory of how stories work: all great stories have a similar shape and this shape is what we teach.
  • 4 essential business story structures.
  • How to tell an authentic story with charisma and impact. Ditching the deck to use story to connect with, inspire and persuade an audience.
  • How to articulate a personal connection to a product so you can stop “selling” and instead sound like a real, authentic human being.
  • How important the inclusion of the “right” details in a story is. So: which ‘gleaming details’ make a story easy for colleagues and customers to pass on? i.e. how to make your story go viral.
  • Bringing an audience into your story: to make it super relevant to them, and make them part of telling the story.
  • How to tell stories ‘off the cuff’ (i.e. what to do when you haven’t had time to prepare).