Coronavirus Updated Policy

Last updated 19th March 2020.


All of our classes and shows are postponed until a later date due to the coronavirus.

Up until 12th March our policy had been to continue with classes and shows as normal, with us asking people to stay at home if they were experiencing a fever or ongoing cough, and also asking people to wash their hands before and after class as per NHS and Public Heath England advice. We had also asked our teachers to adapt workshops to feature less physical contact. Our original corona virus policy from before 12th March is here.

However over the weekend of 14th and 15th there were escalating concerns, so we made the decision to postpone all classes, shows and corporate training to a later date.

Since then the government has also advised avoiding gatherings and crowded places such as pubs, clubs and theatres, and is now also closing down UK schools.

There have been many different sources of information out there, and it’s been hard to make an informed decision, so in the end we’ve always chosen the safest option and put student and audience safety first, and will strive to continue to make the decisions that are best for our students and audience.

This is the first time in almost 15 years that we have had to stop classes or shows, but we will be back stronger than ever.

All class bookings are going to be transferred to a later date and will be going ahead when we are advised it is safe to do so by the government. All show bookings have already been cancelled and refunded.

We have already directly emailed all of our students, performers and audience, and will also do regular updates on social media and on this page.


When will classes re-start?

We are currently waiting until the Government, NHS or Public Health England announce it is safe to re-start public events. Once we have that information we will reschedule all postponed classes as soon as possible, ideally in the same venues with the same teacher on the same night of the week.

We are monitoring news from the Government, NHS and Public Health England and we are also monitoring the wider theatre and events industry for news of when the best re-start date will be. We want to until there is reliable information about that so we can make an informed and safe decision.

We do have a large schedule to reorganise so we appreciate your patience with this.

Our initial aim was to re-start in June or July. If that turns out to be incorrect though and things are still in lockdown then we will reschedule for September. We will wait until further government, NHS and Public Health England advise though before making that decision.

What will you do once you have new dates for postponed courses and new classes?

We will write back to everyone on email with dates, course by course, once we have new details for their postponed course.

We will also announce when we have our next season of courses available over facebook group and other social media.

What if I can’t make the new dates?

When we send out replacement dates just let us know if you can’t make them and we will send out alternatives, we will make sure you get to do the full course/class. We have courses starting every month throughout the year, so we are sure we can find something for you and we are always happy to be flexible with bookings. Alternatively you are welcome to transfer your booking to a friend instead.

Is my booking and payment safe?

Yes. Hoopla has been running for almost 15 years and although we are pausing during the corona crisis we are not going anywhere and we will be back bigger and better once we are given the all-clear to reopen. We have a large network of venues we work with and are ready to re-open, and a huge teaching team, and will be continuing as normal after the worse of the corona crisis is over and looking forward to have you be part of that.

Can I get a refund on classes instead?

The coronavirus is making it tough for the arts industry, as due to circumstances beyond our control we are going to have ride out at least two months of no income while still paying for our core team and venues. So unfortunately we will not be offering refunds on bookings, with the exception of NHS nurses and doctors.

We are not cancelling any courses, and they will be finished off or run at a later date and we will make sure everyone receives the full course they have paid for.

How come you are making this decision now when I booked recently?

Because things have changed quickly. On 12th March we had full plans to continue as normal, but over that weekend and different government advise prompted us to take different action from originally planned.

Could I move to a different course instead of the one I’m currently booked on?

Yes that’s ok, we are happy to accommodate people with whatever works for them. Once we are advised on the best time to re-open we will put all of our courses for next season on the website and you will be welcome to use your booking for any of them.

How come your website still has shows and classes up for March?

We are in the process of updating it. We have tickets off-sale in the meantime.

Can I talk to you in more detail about this?

Yes, my personal number is 0797 697 5348 and I’m happy to have a chat, or you can email

If you are stuck, without food, or in a vulnerable situation

Please contact us. We have a network of teachers, improvisers and students across London and surrounding area and we should be able to send someone to help out.


Many thanks,

Steve Roe, Director of Hoopla.


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