• Leadership & Communication Skills

An applied improvisation workshop to help leaders respond to new situations, empower their teams and communicate with impact.

The information age demands that leaders be adept communicators, strong relationship builders and people-oriented problem solvers. A Hoopla business improvisation workshop allows emerging and established leaders to practice these skills in an engaging and low-stakes environment. Our workshops allow participants to gain self-awareness of their personal leadership style, to break out of any unhelpful behaviours and to experiment with new approaches.

You can’t learn how to communicate in a book, you can’t watch it on a video, you have to do it. And the improv exercises we use in our workshops act as microcosms of the conversations and situations participants face every day, so they are a great way to train their responses to them. What we do is fun, but it’s not about being funny. We aim to endow everyone with a set of tools that they can use immediately in their day to day roles. Participants will leave with new capabilities in what we call the 4Cs: communication, collaboration, creativity and change management.

Leadership & Communication Skills training questions:

  • Do your leaders listen deeply to others to make them feel heard and understood?
  • Do they display empathy and operate with emotional intelligence?
  • Do they accept and build on the ideas of others, or seek to control the conversation?
  • Do your leaders create environments that energize and empower their team?
  • Do they communicate with authenticity and warmth?

In our workshops we aim to expand a leader’s idea of what it means to have personal impact. Personal impact is not just about your knowledge, your experience, and ‘owning the room.’ It is also about the environments you create with your behaviours – and thereby the performance you inspire in others.

What You’ll Learn in our Leadership & Communication Skills Training

Deep Listening:

active listening skills are the foundation of effective communication, the antecedent to building strong, empathetic relationships.

Collaborative Problem Solving:

bringing a ‘Yes, And’ mindset to ideation.

Power as a Role:

awareness of dominant behaviours and how they impact others. Knowing when to lead and follow. Using status to navigate social situations effectively.


creating psychologically safe cultures.

Personal brand:

balancing assertiveness and warmth; authenticity; storytelling.

Leading Self:

being comfortable being uncomfortable; resilience.

"Absolutely fantastic. You brought so much energy and created such a warm atmosphere that it brought everyone out of their shells. What you teach is timeless and priceless,"

Olaf Dehnbostel, Global HR Director - UNILEVER

"You’re brilliant at your job. Everyone was interacting in creative ways they’ve never done before and we left with a toolbox of techniques to apply straight away,"

Thea Tomison, Partner - KPMG

"Hoopla's dynamic and brilliant workshop got everyone out of their comfort zones and showed how the principles and skills of improv can help teams that aren't technically 'creative' learn to think creatively. Our directors unanimously agreed that we should incorporate the techniques Hoopla introduced into our day-to-day meetings and idea generation sessions."

Tom Ollerton, Marketing and Innovation Director - WE ARE SOCIAL

"The feedback has been excellent. Many people commented that the improv workshop was the best part of the meeting. Participants enjoyed how you took them out of their comfort zone but made the whole experience feel so uplifting, fun and safe,"

Barry Wright, Group Product Manager - SPOTIFY

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