After Party

After Party

An occasional late night show running every six weeks or so after our main shows on Friday or Saturday nights.

After Parties usually start around 10pm and run until midnight.

We’re looking for wild and experimental ideas that would suit a late night crowd. If it would work at The Hoopla Improv Marathon, it would probably also work at the After Party.

We’re most likely to book 10-20 minute acts that we would then put together into a line up over the evening, but we’re also open to groups taking over a late-night spot to run their own thing if they think they can bring an audience.

Please note it is very tricky to bring in an audience after 10pm so we can’t guarantee the sold out audiences we get for our main stage shows.


Application notes

  • The show is free so is unpaid. If the event does switch to paid tickets we operate on a 70/30 split with 70% of ticket income split between performing groups depending on how long their set is, and the remaining 30% to Hoopla to help cover venue costs and staff costs.
  • We don’t book much soloprov or twoprov, we mainly book groups of 3+, so that more people can be involved with the night.
  • Please don’t apply unless you and your team can stay until the end of the show. Everyone staying until the end creates a fun, friendly and supportive atmosphere for all the groups. Please only book your group in if everyone can stay for the whole show.
  • Please don’t cancel your show booking at short notice, as this makes it difficult for us to manage the line up for the evening.
  • Please perform the show you are booked for. For instance if booked in as a short-form group of 5 people please then perform a short-form show as 5 people. This helps our Producer to book a variety of different styles of improv across the evening and create a great show.
  • Please help promote the show on social media, mention Hoopla (@hooplaimpro) in your posts, and link to our website.
  • We try to fit everyone in but due to limited space and high demand we can’t guarantee a spot for everyone.


How to apply

We are currently booking in groups for After Parties for the Autumn 2023 season.

Please use the online form below to apply to perform. To be considered for the Autumn 2023 season we recommend applying by 1st August 2023.

>> Apply to perform at Hoopla After Party

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