The Hoopla Improv Marathon

The Hoopla Improv Marathon

Friday 27th September – Saturday 28th September 2019

This is an annual event at Hoopla and it is EPIC!!!!

Once a year in a weekend in September we run shows NON-STOP back to back from 7pm Friday until midnight Saturday. Shows run through the night, through the small hours of the morning, through the daytime and then finish with one big party of improv.

Many of the improvisers and audience stay for the whole lot, going without sleep for over 30 hours.

There are big headline shows, small shows, open to everyone jams and lots and lots of crazy mini shows happening throughout the weekend.

The mini-shows late at night are a sight to behold! It’s where the weirdest ideas in improv get to happen on stage for one night only, and it makes a once in a lifetime experience for the audience.

Previous one-off shows appearing at The Marathon have included ARNIE! The improvised movie where every actor is played by Arnold Schwarzanegger, Spring Watch Live, Hot Morris the sexy improvised morris dancing show, RAVE with improv set in an early 90s rave, Nicholas Cage inspired improv, hip hop musicals and more.

Over 200 performers and over 50 shows are involved over the weekend.

Part 1: Friday 27th September 2019 Evening

Part 2: Friday 27th September 2019 Late Night Zone

Part 3: Saturday 28th September 2019 Daytime

Part 4: Saturday 28th September 2019 Evening

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