The Hoopla Improv Marathon

This is an annual event at Hoopla and it is EPIC!!!!

Once a year in September we run shows NON-STOP back to back from 7pm Friday until midnight Saturday. Shows run through the night, through the small hours of the morning, through the daytime and then finish with one big party!

Many of the improvisers and audience stay for the whole lot without sleep!

There are big headline shows, small shows, open to everyone jams and lots and lots of crazy mini late night shows happening throughout the weekend.

The mini-shows late at night are a sight to behold! It’s where the weirdest and most exciting ideas in improv get to happen on stage for one night only, and it makes a once in a lifetime experience for the audience.

Previous one-off shows have included improvised shadow puppet theatre, an improvised ARNIE movie where every actor is played by Arnold Schwarzanegger, Spring Watch Live, Hot Morris the sexy improvised morris dancing show, RAVE with improv set in an early 90s rave, Nicholas Cage inspired improv, hip hop musicals, MEGA FACE, late night whale music, pie face and more.

Over 200 performers and over 50 shows are involved over the weekend.

Back as a smaller scale event this September 2021!

The Hoopla Improv Marathon is hopefully back in September 2021. It will probably be on a much smaller scale than normal, running for a shorter amount of time and with reduced capacity, but we are going to give it a go!

We’re not sure what the covid situation will be like yet, but we will adjust the event accordingly to make sure it is safe while still being really fun.

Dates and times

Dates: Friday 24th September – Saturday 25th September 2021.

Friday times: 7pm – 2am.

Saturday times: 1pm – midnight.

We may adjust times and audience capacity depending on future covid safety guidelines.

We are booking acts!

We are especially looking for:

  • Groups wanting to perform 10-15 minute spots in the late night zone. These are fun, wild, exciting and different shows suitable for a late night audience. This isn’t your regular show, this is the spot for your new one-off ideas. See description at top of page for previous examples.
  • Headline acts for 7pm – 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Family friendly shows, or family friendly versions of current shows, for the Saturday afternoon.

To enable more people to participate we’re not booking solo improv and only booking a limited about of twoprov.

Most of all shows are for the audience! We’re aiming to give our audience an amazing weekend of fun improv and a big party.

How to apply

Please email [email protected] with the following:

  • “Marathon” mentioned in the email subject title (otherwise we will miss it).
  • Your name and contact details.
  • What section of the weekend your show would be most suited for.
  • The title of your show.
  • Description of the show. This is your chance to sell it, think why a late night audience would enjoy it.
  • Cast members if known.
  • Social media or website links if you have them.
  • Press quotes if you have them.
  • Photos if you have them.

Please apply by 6th August 2021, and the earlier you apply the better!


30% of box office (after vat and ticket agent fees) from each night goes to Hoopla Impro to help pay for our front of house staff, technicians, producer and general venue maintenance.

The remainder of box office is split between the performing groups depending on how long their slot length is, so a group performing the longer slot would receive a great proportion of income. As there will be a lot of groups performing this won’t be a big money show, but there should hopefully be something to help cover expenses and it will be a really fun weekend.

What if covid things get worse?

We will adapt, we’ve been adapting for over a year and will continue to do so. There are various amounts of safety precautions we roll in if needed such as reduced show lengths, increased ventilation, reduced audience capacity and more. If the worse comes to the worse we will run the event online. But it’s happening!


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