A scene with 3 improvisers. Before the scene begins, each player gets a cue from one of the others that triggers off a behaviour in them (e.g. every time someone says a word beginning with “s” Player A has to jump). The three improvisers don’t know each other’s cues, but if they guess they can play with it by doing the other players’ triggers.

Teaching Purpose

This teaches a lot of focus, as you have to constantly pay attention to see if your trigger is done, while also creating a fun scene. If you figure out the other players’ triggers you can have fun escalating it.

Additional Tips for Playing

  • Ask for different versions of triggers and responses, e.g. a verbal trigger, a physical trigger, a verbal response.


  • You can also play it with one improviser who has no triggers and has to guess what they are, similar to Party Quirks

Show Introduction

“This game is called Triggers. For this game our three players are each going to have a trigger and a response. For example, every time someone blinks this player would have to get louder. They won’t know what each other’s triggers are, so stick your fingers in your ears! Can I get a trigger for this player? And their response?”

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