Late for Work

Late for Work


One player leaves the room. The host gets suggestions of why they were late for work, how they got there, and what their job is. When the person re-enters they apologise to their boss, while trying to guess the reasons suggested. The rest of the improvisers play their colleagues, and mime the reasons.


Employee: Sorry I’m late, I’ve had such a day.

Boss: This is the third time this week that you’ve been late. You’d better have a good reason.

Employee: Oh yes, I do.

Other players mime reason for being late.

Employee: I was shot by a laser? I was hit by a small pebble? I was in an early morning darts match and my opponent threw one in my eye.

Boss: To be fair that does sound painful. I bet you had problems getting here after that.

Other players mime how they got there.

Employee: I did, I had to ride a dolphin? Ride a kitten? I became a horse and my horseshoes kept sticking to the ground.

Boss: Well, at least you’re here now. You’d better get to work. I hope you haven’t forgotten what we do here?

Other players mime the job.

Employee: How could I? I love my job organising weddings for penguins!

Boss: Of course you do! Just don’t be late for work again. Now go and help those cuties celebrate their love.

Teaching Purpose

This is a fun team game. Although there is apparently some conflict between the boss and the employee the aim is for the players to work together to entertain the audience.

Additional Tips for Playing

  • The boss can give verbal hints to help out!
  • Encourage the audience to “ooh” and clap when they’re close to getting the answer


See also CCTV.

Show Introduction

“This is called Late for Work. For this game one of our players is going to exit the room. When they get back they’re going to have to guess why they were late, how they got to work, and what their job is. Their colleagues will help by miming the answers.”



This game is in the following categories:

Support and Teamwork

Fun with Mistakes

Movement / Physicality

Object Work / Mime

Short-Form Games


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