One player leaves the room, and the audience suggest reasons why they were fired from their job. When the player comes back in they have to guess why they were fired by watching others act out the CCTV evidence.


Boss: I’m sorry but I’m going to have to fire you. What you did is unacceptable.

Employee: What did I do?

Boss: You know what you did, we’ve got it on CCTV. You were caught in the act, look!

Other players mime reason for being fired

Employee: I didn’t know that vacuuming your sister’s elephant was against the office rules!

Teaching Purpose

This is a fun game that helps teamwork. Although it looks as though there is conflict between the employee and the boss, the whole group are working together to entertain the audience.

The colleagues have to support each other to create the mime, which in turn supports the employee. Even if the employee’s guesses are wrong, it’s entertaining. The aim isn’t to get it right first time!

Additional Tips for Playing

  • The boss can give verbal hints to help out!
  • Encourage the audience to “ooh” and clap when they’re close to getting the answer


Also see Late For Work.

Show Introduction

“This is called CCTV. For this game one of our players is going to exit the room. When they get back they’re going to have to guess why they were fired from their job, with the help of their colleagues who will be miming the CCTV evidence.”


Brought to us by Sean McInerney, who we think learnt it at Second City.


This game is in the following categories:

Support and Teamwork

Fun with Mistakes

Movement / Physicality

Object Work / Mime

Short-Form Games

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