Improvisers improvise jokes around the format “185 things walk into the bar…..something something….punchline”. Some of the jokes work, many don’t!


Suggestion: Dentist

Improviser A: “185 dentists walked into a bar. The bar needed filling.”

Improviser B: “185 dentists walked into a bar. Then they got turned away because there was a two week waiting list.”

Improviser C: “185 dentists walked into a bar. They pulled.”

Improviser D: “185 dentists walked into a bar. Things got a bit wobbly.”

Improviser B: “185 dentists walked into a bar. The barman said to the regulars, ‘brace yourself'”.

Improviser C: “185 dentists walked into a bar. And that’s the tooth.”

Host: Can we get another suggestion?

Additional Tips for Playing

  • Step forward! Even if your joke isn’t great it gives your teammates time to think.


Other walk-forward games include Sex with Me and World’s Worst.

Show Introduction

“This is called 185. Our players are going to get suggestions of professions, and make up jokes with the set up ‘185 of that profession walk into a bar’. Can I get some suggestions of a profession?”


Not sure. We think the Inflatables or Oxford Imps.


This game is in the following categories:

Random Fun Games / Breakaways


Support and Teamwork

Short-Form Games

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