Sex with Me

Sex with Me


Players get suggestions of objects, and say why sex with them is like that object.


“Can I get an everyday object?” “Pineapple!”

Player 1: “Sex with me is like a pineapple: juicy”

Player 2: “Sex with me is like a pineapple: after a while it makes your tongue go funny”

Player 3: “Sex with me is like a pineapple: not really worth the effort”

“OK! Can I get another object?”

Additional Tips for Playing

  • Jump forward even if you haven’t got a great idea. Often the audience will make it work in their own heads!
  • Either choose a character/quirk, or assign one to each other. It could be “doesn’t know what sex is”, “an American jock”, “someone whose parents are in the audience” etc. You don’t tell the audience, but it gives a range of answers and styles
  • You can go for one word answers, a very long and detailed explanation, or anything in between!
  • Don’t be afraid to just get a new suggestion if it seems like the players are struggling, or if one has just delivered a killer line


  • You can also ask for concepts (e.g. love) or professions (e.g. dentist)

Show Introduction

“Next we’re going to play a game called Sex With Me. Our players are going to line up, and we’re going to get suggestions of objects. The players will step forward and say why sex with them is like that object!”


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