Complaint Letter

Complaint Letter


The host gets a suggestion of something to write a complaint about. The improvisers then write a complaint letter, one word at a time.


Improviser A: Dear

Improviser B: Argos,

Improviser A: I

Improviser B: recently

Improviser A: bought

Improviser B: a

Improviser A: kettle

Improviser B: from

Improviser A: you

Improviser B: but

Improviser A: it

Improviser B: will

Improviser A: not

Improviser B: boil.

Improviser A: I

Improviser B: am

Improviser A: very

Improviser B: angry.

Improviser A: Yours

Improviser B: sincerely,

Improviser A: Gregory

Improviser B: Bertwhistle

Improviser C: Dear

Improviser D: Gregory

Improviser C: Bertwhistle,

Improviser D: Have

Improviser C: you

Improviser D: been

Improviser C: watching

Improviser D: it?

Improviser C: Yours

Improviser D: sincerely,

Improviser C: Argos.

Teaching Purpose

  • Have to listen to the other players
  • Commitment – get angry!
  • Spontaneity – you can’t know where the sentences are going

Additional Tips for Playing

  • Create a character together, you are playing one character so mimic the voice/physicality of the other player
  • Keep the pace similar, it doesn’t have to be really fast but don’t think about it for too long
  • Be obvious, don’t try to predict where the sentence is going
  • Remember your name and the name of the thing/company you’re complaining about!
  • Commit!


See other word at a time games like Word at a Time Expert and Agony Aunt.

Show Introduction

“This is called Complaint Letter. Can I get suggestions of something you might complain about?”


Well known improv game. We first saw it done by The Inflatables.


This exercise is in the following categories:


Yes And.

Warm Ups.

Short-Form Games.


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