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do the right scene

Shows, workshops, diversity scholarships and more for Black, Asian, Middle Eastern and Minority Ethnic improvisers.

Hoopla are working to improve the numbers of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people in improv and comedy.

To help this we host a monthly show run by Tai Campbell (BBC Comedy Writer’s Room Winner), Athena Kugblenu (BBC New Comedy Award Finalist) and Monica Gaga (Hoopla main-stage host and core teacher) from the Do The Right Scene team. They also run the Crash Landing workshop before the show to help support new people into improv. These have been growing over the last 3 years and have now moved to become one of our main weekend main-stage events!

This is more than just a show. The team have built up an entire community of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic improvisers that are now connecting to the wider comedy and TV industry. This includes recent BBC3 sketches written, directed and starring Tai Campbell from Do The Right Scene and filmed at Hoopla that have received millions of views.

Many of the performers at Do The Right Scene’s Special Delivery show and teachers with Crash Landing workshops have credits writing and performing on BBC1, BBC3, Radio 4, The Guilty Feminist, TED talks and more.

Hoopla work with the team and community to help cast our other shows and bring greater diversity to the wider improv scene.

We have some Black or Asian teachers and corporate trainers but need more and are recruiting to help inspire future generations of improvisers.

Hoopla also provide diversity scholarships to encourage more Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people in improv and help them become professional performers.

Since March 2020 we have also been raising funds for a new Diversity Improv Outreach Worker to bring the joy of improv to more people from all backgrounds.


    SHOWS: Do The Right Scene - Special Delivery

    Do The Right Scene's and Hoopla's monthly show for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic improvisers! Now performing WEEKENDS on Hoopla's main-stage!

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    WORKSHOPS: Do The Right Scene - Crash Landing

    Do The Right Scene's and Hoopla's monthly workshop for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic improvisers!

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    We have diversity scholarships available on all levels of our courses, including accelerator scholarships to help Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic improvisers reach a professional performing level.

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    Since March we have been fundraising for a Diversity & Inclusion Improv Outreach Worker to help bring improv to everyone including Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities. This will be up and running after lockdown.

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    We work with a number of Black and Asian teachers across our public improv classes, corporate training and jams and are recruiting more.

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    In addition to our BAME specific nights with Do the Right Scene we are also working with DTRS, our production team, teachers and performers to improve diversity across all of our house teams, nights and regular groups.

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  • Do the Right Scene’s show has been upgraded to main-stage weekends!
  • We are working to integrate the Do the Right Scene community into other shows including weekend groups and house teams, to increase diversity across all shows.
  • Do the Right Scene’s workshops for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic improvisers are now funded by Hoopla with the teachers paid by Hoopla and just a small token amount of participants with the option for free places if needed.
  • Since March we have been fundraising for a new Diversity & Inclusion Outreach Worker project to enable us to bring the joy of improv to more people from all backgrounds.
  • We are increasing the number of our Black and Asian teachers.
  • We will have at least one Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic improviser on all audition decision panels for all future house teams.
  • We are running additional accelerator scholarships and ongoing mentorship to help Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic improvisers reach a professional performing level.
  • We will make sure our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students are aware of performing opportunities and auditions.
  • We are accelerating progression of our newer house teams that already have a good diversity of cast.
  • Other independent groups that have a good diversity of cast will be accelerated into our weekend main event shows.
  • We are helping earlier house teams improve the diversity of their cast.
  • We are also helping our regular independent and guest groups, especially long standing weekend regulars, to improve the diversity of their cast.
  • We are improving communication and training with teachers to make sure they are fully aware of our diversity program and are in a position to encourage students from different backgrounds into performing at our shows.
  • We will run free diversity & inclusion, subconscious bias and cultural awareness training for our teachers and students.

We are very open to feedback about how we could improve the diversity of the UK improv scene, so if you have any suggestions please get in touch. Loads of great ideas came from our recent survey and we’re excited to be putting these things into action!

Improv for Everyone!

other things we are doing

  • Groups and performers that develop at the Do the Right Scene night are also then booked for our other nights.
  • Where possible we try to prioritise booking groups that have greater diversity in the cast or may be of interest to new communities.
  • We individually encourage improvisers of different ethnic backgrounds, by sending them casting calls or putting them in touch with performing groups.
  • We have a code of conduct in place for improvisers, teachers and students to help prevent racism in the improv scene.
  • We make sure people of different backgrounds are represented in our social media posts, photographs and web content.
  • We help people form their own improv groups through networking events and our shows producer.

we can help improve the diversity of your show

If you run an improv group and would like to improve the diversity of your cast we can help you by recommending people and introducing you to people in our community.

If you’d like help please email the following people:

Monica, Tai and Athena, Do the Right Scene Team, [email protected]

Angela Pollard (Producer), [email protected]

Jessie Rutland (Training Manager), [email protected]

Monica Gaga

Monica Gaga is a British-born black African queer improviser, facilitator, host and scripted actor and performer.

Monica is the host of Hoopla’s main-stage shows every Friday and Saturday night and also hosts our Pre-Party nights for up and coming new acts. She is also one of Hoopla’s main teachers.

She produces Do the Right Scene, London’s leading comedy and improv night for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic performers and is the co-founder of Hoopla’s Crash Landing workshop.

Monica performs improv in Do The Right Scene, Derek’s Mojo, Tightrope, The Yes Queens, The Playground, The Comedy Store Players and in shows across the London improv scene.

She has also recently appeared in comedy sketches for BBC Three as well as appearing on ITVBe, London Live, BBC History, BBC Radio London, Global Pillage and more.

She trained in Community Theatre at East 15 Acting School, and her boundless love for improv stems from time spent at Second City in Chicago.

When she is not performing, hosting or teaching, Monica is championing diversity in improv and trying to get as many people involved as possible.

“I love improv, but it needs shaking up. I see improv as something for everyone. So I would live if it truly represented a slice of society. If you don’t see yourself represented we need you!” – Monica Gaga.

Tai Campbell

Tai is a writer, director, editor, comedian and celebrity impressionist.

He is a winner of BBC’s Comedy Writer’s Room with credits on BBC One, BBC Three and Vice.

Tai recently wrote, directed and starred in a number of sketches for BBC3 Comedy, achieving millions of views online.

He is the producer and co-founder of Do the Right Scene, Hoopla’s regular night for Black and Asian actors, comedians and improvisers. He also teaches the Crash Landing workshop, Hoopla’s regular workshop for Black and Asian improvisers that supports them onto the improv stage.

How Tai got into improv:

“I got into improv accidentally while researching my favourite actors and realised they all had something in common – an improv background.  One drop-in class with Hoopla and four and a half years later I have gone from student to an improviser who performs with multiple groups that include short funny scenes, narratives and musicals, I co-run a monthly night Special Delivery as well as teach workshop Crash Landing.”

Tai’s Tips for First Time Improvisers:

“First time improviser? My first piece of advice is to have fun, it’s a wide world full of great people and creative opportunities. Improv is a great way to get out of your head space and have fun as well as meet new people. If you’re a creative it’s also a way to enhance all of your skills – as a writer, director and actor it definitely has enhanced mine.”

Tai’s 3 Top Reasons To Do Improv:

  • Fun!
  • Great way to meet people!
  • Enhance your creative skills!

Athena Kugblenu

Athena is a BBC New Comedy Award Finalist and nominee for the 99 Club Female Comedians’ Bursary. She’s a member of the BBC Comedy Room 2019/20 and was awarded the BBC Felix Dexter Bursary for BAME up-and-coming comedy writers in 2020.

She has written for Radio 4’s News Quiz, Newsjack, The Now Show and is a lead writer for multi cultural sketch show Sketchtopia. In she 2017 she performed at the Johannesburg international Comedy Festival and followed that with her debut hour, KMT, at the Edinburgh Fringe. Her second celebrated hour was Follow the Leader, a political show with a personal twist. She’s supported Daliso Chaponda, Nish Kumar and Fern Brady on tour.

A regular co-host of The Guilty Feminist, she’s made panel appearances on Radio 4 staples such as Comedy Club, Museum of Curiosity, Loose Ends and Arts Club. She’s also a regular on BBC Scotland’s Breaking the News.

She’s the host of podcast Keeping Athena Company, interviewing interesting people whilst eating fried plantain. It’s a great excuse for her to eat fried plantain for work.

Athena is managed by TROIKA Talent.

“When Tai Campbell and I started Do the Right Scene, it wasn’t a political statement. We just wanted to play together as black people. But we quickly understood the value of both of us being two black people in a very white world which is why whenever we did “two-prov” we just smashed it. It was just two people who have a shared shorthand and that’s what white people have. So Tai and I got on because we could create a whole world that wouldn’t have necessarily been available with white players and so we wanted an all-black group to experience that.” – Athena Kugblenu

When you’re too scared to say black (BBC3)

Written, directed and starring Tai Campbell from Do the Right Scene, Crash Landing and Hoopla.

Featuring improvisers from across the Do the Right Scene and Hoopla team.

Over 2.5 million views on facebook.

When you’re the only black guy (BBC3)

Written, directed and starring Tai Campbell from Do the Right Scene, Crash Landing and Hoopla.

Featuring improvisers from across the Do the Right Scene and Hoopla team. Filmed at Hoopla’s improv theatre in London Bridge.

Over 2 million views on facebook.

The Black Women Transforming London's Improv Theatre Scene

Hoopla and Do the Right Scene in Black Ballad Magazine

“Improv can be transformative and thanks to the work of a few dedicated black women, the scene is opening up and becoming more inclusive.

Along this journey, I’ve watched some phenomenal black female improvisers who are part of Do The Right Scene (formerly known as a Nu Z Land), a black improvisation troupe for African, mixed race and African Caribbean performers. Do The Right Scene hold monthly workshops for BAME players known as Crash Landing followed by Special Delivery, a performance at Hoopla London. Stumbling upon a BAME improv night was encouraging as somebody new to the scene, as I was able to watch experienced performers who looked like me and whose content was often more relatable than the main circuit.”


>> Read full article at Black Ballad Magazine