The narrator starts the scene by reading aloud as they types. As soon as the Narrator has given a few elements, the players take over and start playing the scene. At any point, the Narrator can take over again, perhaps switch to another location, introduce new characters, provide twists or flashbacks.


Author: Title: The Grumpy Pilot and the Donkey. Chapter 1. It was a gloomy day in Pennsylvania, and pilot Abigail Larsen was preparing for take off.

Abigail: Ready, co-pilot? I guess we’d better get this 14 hour flight started.

Co-pilot: Yes, it’ll be a long one. Are you having the chicken or fish?

Abigail: Ughhh, aeroplane food. I’m sick of it. These flights are all the same.

Author: Little did she know that this flight would be like none other. She pressed all the buttons she needed to press, and took off. Suddenly, they both heard a noise.

Abigail: That didn’t sound normal.

Co-pilot: I’ll call the flight attendant.

Author: The flight attendant entered the cockpit, looking flustered.

Flight attendant: You won’t believe it. I was serving the drinks and a hat fell off one of the passengers. I thought I was seeing things as it’s so early, but…

Author: She gestured to the aisle.

Donkey: HEE-HAW!

Abigail: There’s no way that donkey has a passport.

Author: How was Abigail to know it would be the start of a beautiful friendship?

Additional Tips for Playing

  • Be clear when the author is speaking and when the action is passed to the players.
  • The players can do things that the author will have to later justify.
  • Don’t be afraid to make bold moves! It’ll be a short story so lots of events/emotion will make it exciting.


Show Introduction

“This game is called Typewriter. One of our players is an author writing a story on their typewriter, and our other players will act out the story. To get us started could I get some suggestions of a title?”

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