Time Jump

Time Jump


Players do a scene, and someone from off stage shouts times to move to e.g. “5 years on, 10 minutes later” etc. Scene moves through time and space.


Location: Fancy restaurant

Freddie: I’ve counted, and this is the 5,000th potato I’ve peeled since I joined this restaurant: The Grande Velouté.

Other chef: I’ve done 6,000 onions. It’s why I’m always crying.

Freddie: Oh! I thought I kept upsetting you. I know I always put my foot in it.

Other chef: Don’t be silly Freddie! I love you man.

Host: 5 years later!

Other chef: Who would’ve thought? Our own restaurant!

Freddie: And now we’re in charge, we’ll never have to peel anything again!

Host: 10 minutes later

Waiter: Excuse me, the chef’s just cut his finger and we’ve got so much mash to make!

Freddie: Damn it

Host: 1000 years before!

Caveman Freddie: Ug ug ug where’s the peeler

Teaching Purpose

This exercise helps stop people bridging and get to the point of the scene/cut to the present moment.

Additional Tips for Playing

  • The host can mix up the differences in times given
  • You can travel through time and space! Characters can change, other players can come in.

Show Introduction

“This game is called Time Jump. The players will do a scene and I will tell them different times to move to. To get us started could I get suggestions of an indoor location?”


We first saw this done by Shoot from the Hip.


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