The suggestion from the audience is for an unusual problem the world faces, for instance “we’ve run out of coco pops”. One improviser comes on stage as superhero (defined by audience) and attempts to solve that problem, but fails. They then call on another superhero for help (also defined by audience), but they also fail. Eventually once all super heroes are on stage they solve the problem.


Hangover Girl: I am Hangover Girl, and I’ve heard that the world has run out of Coco Pops! How will everyone get over their hangover? I know, I’ll make my Alka-Seltzer into tiny pops! Oh that’s disgusting, I can’t do this on my own. I need the help of…

Audience: Super Pet Groomer Man

Super Pet Groomer Man: Here I am! It sounds like you need some help there Hangover Girl. I know what to do: dogs, sniff out the ingredients for Coco Pops! Oh no, their noses are all fizzy from the Alka-Seltzer. We need the help of…

Audience: Fridge Woman!

Fridge Woman: Here I am! I know what to do, I’ll get ready to pour some milk into a bowl, and the Coco Pops will re-appear. You can’t put the milk in first! Here I go!

Super Pet Groomer Man: Great idea!

Hangover Girl: It’s working, well done Fridge Woman!

Fridge Woman: The world is safe once more.

Teaching Purpose

Commitment. In this game you have to commit to a character and an idea. Say the idea without thinking about whether it’ll be good. The first few superheroes are supposed to fail! This means you have complete freedom to say an idea, and have fun justifying why it won’t work. It’s also a character game, as your superhero will be defined by the audience.

Tips for playing

  • Commit to the character you’re given. You don’t need to come up with the “correct” answer, and even when you are solving the problem it doesn’t need to be a realistic solution!


  • Patti Stiles taught us an exercise where one player is the superhero. They start every line with “I know what to do!” The other player comes up with why that wouldn’t work, and the Superhero says “I know what to do”.

Show Introduction

“This game is called ‘Superheroes’. Our superheroes are going solve an unusual problem, and you’re going to name those superheroes! Can I get suggestions of a problem? And a name for the first superhero?”

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