Stunt Doubles

Stunt Doubles


Two players start a scene, with the other two players offstage. Every so often, when an action is about to happen (it doesn’t have to be big), the host will yell “Stunt doubles!” and the other two players will come in the scene and act out the action in slow motion without talking. When the stunt doubles leave or the original two return to the stage, the scene resumes with the first two players from where the stunt doubles left it.


Player A: Hey Dad, want a cup of tea while we watch the Wimbledon final?

Player B: Yes please, English Breakfast for me.

Player A: I’ll just get the teabags out.


The stunt double opens the teabags in slo-mo and they fly everywhere. One hits them in the eye.

Player B: Oh my gosh!! Your eye is bleeding.

Player A: It’s ok, I just need to get the milk ready.


The stunt double opens the milk and it pours everywhere. The doubles slip in the milk and fall down.

Player B: I’m so wet, and I think my back’s gone!

Player A: We should call an ambulance.


The stunt double jumps up and reaches for the phone, as he dials the kettle explodes. They slo-mo roll away from it.

Player A: This is all your fault, FEDERER!

Teaching Purpose

This game is great for being physical in scenes rather than just talking.

Show Introduction

“This game is called Stunt Doubles. Our players are going to do a scene and then when I shout “stunt doubles” the other players will come in and do the action. Can I get suggestions of a relationship?”

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