Sound Effects

Sound Effects


Two improvisers play a scene, while two players off stage provide the sound effects. Can also be done with audience members doing the sound effects.

Teaching Purpose

This is a great listening game as everyone has to listen to offers coming from different directions. The improvisers on stage have to listen to each other and also the sound effects, and the sound effect improvisers have to pay attention to the stage.

It’s also great for teaching justifying mistakes and offers, as the game works best when the sound effects are reacted to and incorporated into the scene.

It’s also good for yes and as people have to accept the sound effects and allow them to alter the scene.

It’s also helpful for long-form as supporting sounds often pop up in long-form.

Additional Tips for Playing

  • Set up a relationship and location at the start of the scene, it also helps to have an objective.
  • React to the sound effects, justify them and let them influence your scene.
  • Set the sound effects people up to make a sound, give them an offer, especially if audience members.
  • Use mics if you have them.


  • Sometimes audience members are used to provide the sound effects. If you do this please thank them and make them look good.

Show Introduction

“This is a game called Sound Effects. Two improvisers on stage are going to perform a scene while two improvisers off stage provide the sound effects for the scene.”


Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Hoopla courses we play this game in

We play this in level 1, 2 and super short-form courses.


This exercise is in the following categories:


Justifying and Incorporating Mistakes

Yes And

Short Form Games

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