A couple have been on holiday, based on suggestion from the audience. They are showing the audience a slide show of their holiday. The photos from the holiday are played by the rest of the cast making poses and holding that position. Each photo is justified and explained by the couple. The photos frequently change to different poses.

Slideshow is perfect for players who just want to find their feet on stage. All it is, is players on the back line creating pictures or tableaus of holiday photos that two players in the front have to justify. Essentially it’s like someone showing you their holiday snaps. Except the ones presenting have no idea what the back line will do. And vice versa. Both have to justify the offers each other make. So there are 3 or 4 players are on the back line and it’s their task to just make tableaus that look like holiday photographs. Then two players at the front of the stage have to make sense of that tableau in relation to their fictional holiday. They can ‘click’ to a new photo by simple coming together on stage and pretending to use a slideshow clicker to move the image to the next one.

It’s tons of fun and really good for people who want to get up but not necessarily do much talking. And those presenting get a real fun time making sense of their team mates offers, and then creating scenarios right back at them to create.


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