Sing It

Sing It


This starts as a normal scene. At any time, the host/audience volunteer can yell “Sing It” and the player who said the last line will sing/rap a song based on that last line of dialogue. The singer is in charge of deciding the length of the song, and after the song is complete, everyone falls back into the normal scene.


Job suggestion: Sailor

Player A: Morning Captain, we have seen land at last!

Player B: Good, hand me that rope.

Host: Sing it!

Player B: Good good good, hand me that rope. You should know that this isn’t a joke. Give me that rope, give me a hand, because we can finally see some land!

Player A: Here you go Captain!

Player C: There’s a problem! The land has a sharp cliff, it’ll be a difficult arrival!

Player A: Don’t worry, I’ve climbed many a cliff before.

Host: Sing it!

Player A: I’ve climbed many a cliff before, so I am really sure, that this will be easy to do, it’ll be fine I’m looking at you. Hey calm down don’t give me these “ifs”, get ready to climb up these cliiiiiffs!

Player B: We’ve arrived. You go first and we’ll be right behind you!

Player C: I should probably tell you I’m afraid of heights!

Host: Sing it!

Player C: I should probably tell you I’m afraid of heights, yes that’s right, they give me a fright. Here we go we’re starting to climb, I’m so scared I can barely rhyme. Oh hey this is better than I feared, although my face is covered in tears. I have just reached the top, just goes to show that nothing can stop, me from doing what I have to do, hey there Captain I LOVE YOU!

Show Introduction

“This game is called Sing It! Our players will be doing a scene and whenever I shout “Sing it!” they’ll have to sing or rap a song based on the last line they’d said. To get us started, can I get suggestions of jobs?”


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