Zip Zap Zop

Zip Zap Zop


Everyone stands in a circle. With a lot of energy the first person passes a “zip” across to someone else in the circle, that person then passes a “zap” to someone else, they pass a “zop”. Continue repeating and passing zip zap zop. It’s inevitable at some point you’ll “zip” a “zip”, but it doesn’t matter!

Teaching Purpose

A good warm-up for building group connections. Although we’re in the same room physically, it gets people in the same room mentally. People might be thinking of work or worrying about something, so this warm up gets everyone in the same zone. Because you have to focus,  it gradually gets people thinking about the same thing.

Additional Tips for Playing

  • Be ready to clap, leaning forward slightly helps the energy and speed.
  • Try and make eye contact with whoever passes you the zip/zap/zop.


  • Do it normally, then if you muck up you’re out.
  • Funny version – copy their behaviour. However someone zips you, that’s how you zap the next person. In one class we ended up doing a full Shakespeare version!

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