A group warm up. Everyone runs around the room, goes up to another player and the two players look at each other, say “YIPEE” and jump. They then run away and find a new partner and do the same, then run apart and find a new partner. Lots of constantly forming pairs around the room jumping and shouting “YIPEE”.

In the next level, both players either jump or don’t jump. Next level, if they both jump they pair up and find other players. If they all jump they stick together, until eventually everyone is jumping and yipeeing in one big group.

Teaching Purpose

Play. This puts energy in the room as people run around and get their heart rate up. Complicity. It’s a quick playful relationship between two people. Play is the point, it’s not intellectual. If the class is starting to feel academic or people are taking it too seriously you can throw this exercise in and it gets people in a silly mood


Learnt from Kevin Tomlinson.

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