Triangles / Assassins / Biggest Fan

Triangles Description

Everyone stands around in the room.

Each person silently selects two other people without telling them.

When the teacher says “go” the aim is to stay in an equilateral triangle with the two people picked.

The group will end up constantly moving as people adjust. If the teacher shouts stop everyone points to the two people they picked and sees how close they were.

Assassin Description

Each person picks two new people without telling them.

The first person they picked is their assassin out to get them.

The second person they picked is their bodyguard.

When the teacher says “go” everyone tries to keep their bodyguard between themselves and their assassin.

Biggest Fan Description

Each person picks one other person without telling them.

They are now the biggest fan of the person they picked.

When the teacher says “go” everyone tries to have a clear line of sight between themselves and the person they picked.


This exercise gets the group to use whole space and be physically aware not just of themselves but others.


We think we got it from Kevin Tomlinson and Mick Barnfather.


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