All the players duck down, and the host claps or says “toast up”. Whoever jumps up does a scene. Host claps or says “toast down”, and the players duck down. This repeats, and whoever jumps up does another scene. If the same players pop up, they can play the same characters as in their previous scene.

Teaching Purpose

This game has lots of scene practice! It’s like lots of quick snapshots of relationships, and is helpful in quickly establishing who you are. It’s also a character game, as you can play a lot of different characters within a short amount of time.

Tips for Playing

  • Vary the length of scenes, some can be longer and some super snappy.
  • Start the scene before you’ve fully popped up! It means the scene starts immediately. While you can be tempted to wait to see who else pops up and whether you’re in the same group as a previous scene, just start the scene.
  • If you’re the only one who pops up, take your moment! A monologue always goes down well. Your teammates won’t leave you there too long!
  • It’s a good game for large groups.


  • The scenes can be all in the same location/world/universe, or random.
  • Players can clap to pop up or down rather than the host, as this spreads it out a bit.

Show Introduction

“This is called Toaster. For this game our players are going to crouch down, and when anyone claps their hands some of the players will pop up and do a scene. To get us started could I get a location where people might meet?”


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