Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee


A word at a time game. Players stand in a line, and get given a made up word. They say the word together, then spell it out a letter at a time. They say the word again. They then give the definition of the word a word at a time. They repeat the word and use it in a normal sentence, one word at a time. They repeat the word again, to end the game.


All: Flerp.

Player A: F

Player B: L

Player C: E

Player A: R

Player B: P

All: Flerp.

Player C: A

Player A: small

Player B: body

Player C: spray

Player A: that

Player B: smells

Player C: of

Player A: kittens.

All: Flerp

Player B: “Danny

Player C: always

Player A: smells

Player B: great.”

Player C: “He

Player A: must

Player B: use

Player C: flerp.”

All: Flerp.

Additional Tips for Playing

  • Be obvious, just say the next word.
  • Don’t try to make it deliberately weird – it will do that on its own!

Show Introduction

“This game is called Spelling Bee. Our players are going to get a made up word, and they’ll have to spell it, give the definition, and use it in a sentence. Can I get some suggestions of a made up word?”

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