Questions Only

Questions Only


In this game players can only speak in questions. The players get into two lines, and step forward for scenes in pairs. If they stumble or make a statement another player comes in and takes over.


Location: Airport

Player A: Have you got your boarding pass?

Player B: Why should I give it to you?

Player A: Don’t you want to get on this plane?

Player B: Where is it going?

Player A: Barbados!

Player A goes to the back of the line.

Player B: How many suitcases am I allowed?

Player C: Aren’t you the pilot?

Player B: Oh yeah…

Player B leaves

Teaching Purpose

This game shows why you normally try and talk in statements; questions are difficult as it puts the pressure on the other person has to do it. It’s also a safe space for rapid failure.

Additional Tips for Playing

  • Commit to a character. It’ll help you think like them and the types of questions they would ask.
  • Don’t be too careful, it’s better to fail quickly and have fun with it!
  • When you mess up, accept it happily!

Show Introduction

“This game is called Questions Only. In this game our players can only speak in questions. If they make a statement or stumble they’ll have to go to the back of the line and another player will replace them. To get us started could I get suggestions of a location?”


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